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Hwy 10/Hwy 59 & Frontage Road Reconstruction

West side of Detroit Lakes

Traffic impacts

The project addresses accessibility and safety concerns on and along Hwy 10 west of Hwy 59 and on Hwy 59 south of Hwy 10. As the west side of Detroit Lakes continues to develop, expanding and improving the existing frontage road system is needed.

It is based on a transportation study completed in 2011 by MnDOT, Becker County and the city of Detroit Lakes, in which several concepts for improved traffic flow were developed. This project is a combination of reconstructing and expanding the existing frontage road systems, managing access points and constructing an underpass below Hwy 59 at Main Street and Morrow Avenue. The project will involve MnDOT and the city of Detroit Lakes.

During construction

Motorists will encounter lane closures on Highway 10 and possibly road closures on city streets and the frontage road.

Latest designs

Updated construction staging plans were released in February 2014 (Stage 1 - 2 MB PDF, Stage 2 - 2 MB PDF).

Project engineers released an updated revised design layout (5 MB PDF) and an updated profile view (240 KB PDF) in September 2013.


Americans with Disabilities Act

Accessibility and state highway projects

All MnDOT projects--both new construction and rehabilitation projects-- must include an evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Features included in this project

  • A new trail system alongside the frontage road includes ADA-compliant sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian ramps.