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Alexandria Area

Transportation Study
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The study started in July 2009 and concluded in February 2011.


The final report is available here:




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Alexandria Area Developing Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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Mn/DOT, Douglas County and the city of Alexandria have partnered together to prepare a comprehensive long range transportation plan for greater Alexandria area. The study partners worked with WSB & Associates to assist them in preparing the plan, which got underway in July 2009. The study evaluates existing and future transportation conditions in the Alexandria area and identifies improvements to address deficiencies. The plan also looks at existing and projected airport operations to determine whether improvements or further study is warranted.


Study Area

The Alexandria Area Transportation Study consists of the area of Douglas County centered around the city of Alexandria. The graphic presented to the right displays the general project study area. The project team – consisting of Mn/DOT, Douglas County, the city of Alexandria and their consultant – worked with each other and the general public to identify existing and future year transportation deficiencies.


As part of the study, a more detailed analysis focused on areas with more specific or pressing concerns, including:

  1. Interstate 94/Highway 29 Interchange and Highway 29 south to County Highway 28
  2. 50th Avenue from industrial park to South Broadway
  3. Highway 29 between 3rd Avenue and McKay Avenue
  4. Highway 29 between McKay Avenue and County Road 73
  5. Intersection of Highway 29 and County Highway 42/13 near Carlos


The operation and function of Highway 27 was also considered, specifically at its intersection with Highway 29. At the conclusion of the study, a plan is in place for improving transportation throughout the study area.