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About this project

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Reconstruct Hwy 10 in Wadena in 2019-2020

Highway 10 through the city of Wadena is in need of repair and upgrades. Plans are underway to improve and reconstruct the two lane urban segment in 2019-2020.

The new roadway will include a concrete median separating the eastbound and westbound lanes, and wide shoulders that can be striped as through-lanes in the future.

Summary of work

  • Widen and reconstruct the roadway, includes the Highway 10 intersection at Highway 71
  • Improve access and traffic flow
  • Upgrade pedestrian sidewalks and approaches
  • Upgrade storm sewers and install new LED street lighting
  • Replace the Hwy 10 traffic signals at Second St W and Highway 71

Work east and west of Wadena

The two-lane rural sections of Hwy 10 between Bluffton and Birch Ave and County Rd 4 and Oink Joint Rd, will be resurfaced, and new left-turn lanes installed at the Hwy 10/CR 75 intersection, west of Wadena.

Raised medians are safer,
improve access:
Standard highway intersections have 32 conflict points or potential crashes, and raised medians can:

  • Reduce crashes 25-30%
  • Provide most benefit where there are many entrances to the highway
  • Provide refuge for pedestrians
  • Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Increase capacity 30%
  • Decrease delays 30%


Schedule at a glance

Final design plans, environmental testing, permits In progress
Maintenance repair/ resurface 2017
Remove buildings, prepare other areas as needed 2018
Construct 2019-2020

Traffic plans

The project will require some road segments to close and detour to complete work on Hwy 10, Hwy 71 and W Second St. Access to businesses and residences to be maintained. More information to become available when known.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Pedestrian Accessibility

Speakers and raised arrows on APS signals provide information about the intersection to pedestrians with hearing and visual impairment.

All MnDOT projects must include compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Components can include, but are not limited to adding improved pedestrian ramps and accessible pedestrian signals. Read about MnDOT's transition plan to comply with the ADA.

Specifics for this project

Pedestrian sidewalks and signals will be upgraded to current accessibility standards.

  • Upgrade and install pedestrian sidewalks and ramp approaches along Highway 10 in Wadena
  • New traffic signal systems will include pedestrian audio indicators and push buttons
    • Hwy 10 and Second St W
    • Hwy 10 and Hwy 71

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