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Sept 2015

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Sept 2015

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Region 7W is located northwest of the Twin Cities in central Minnesota. The Region is comprised of the counties of Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright. Region 7W excludes the St. Cloud Metropolitan area.


The area faces challenges in the future as its population continues to grow. Outside the Twin Cities, it is the fastest growing region in Minnesota.


Region 7W Counties IconStrong population, housing and business growth will continue to put stress on the transportation network. Its proximity to the Twin Cities and the location of the major corridors of I-94, Hwy 10 and Hwy 169, impacts this region. Given limited funding for improvements, this could mean an increase in congestion, more crashes and rougher roads in the future.


About the Region 7W Transportation Advisory Board Membership


Region 7W Transportation Policy Board


TPB is responsible for prioritizing federally funded projects in the four counties. Only projects using Surface Transportation Program funding are their responsibility. The TPB was formed through a joint powers agreement and consists of locally elected officials.


Transportation Advisory Council (TAC)


TAC, whose membership consists of city and county engineers and transit directors, makes recommendations to the TPB. The Region 7W Plan covers county and city roads classified as collector and above. These roads are eligible for federal funding through the central Minnesota Area Transportation Partnership (ATP).




Local Human Service Transit Coordination Plan (Nov. 29, 2011) Prepared by Region 7W and St. Cloud Area Planning Organization.



Long Range Transportation Plan 2005-2030


Plan CoverThe purpose of the plan is to develop a vision for the area and implement a plan that can be utilized by Region 7W jurisdictions and MnDOT. The plan identifies transportation priorities and provides a framework for making future decisions.


Table of Contents



Region 7W


Demographics, Economics, Land Use


Transportation System



Overview of Financial Resources, Public Involvement, Planning Direction,
Policy Recommendations, Implementation and Conclusion





Appendix A - County Land Use Plans

Appendix B County Access Management Guidelines
Appendix C Public Meeting Comments
Appendix D Customer Survey Summary
Appendix E Local Bridge Needs


Prepared by Region 7W Transportation Policy Board - Fall 2005