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Highway 55
Four lane expansion from Annandale to Rockford
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Project Plan


General Map of Project AreaFuture plans for a four-lane expansion of Highway 55 between Rockford and Annandale in Wright County are in the early planning stages. Construction of this expansion is not in MnDOT's 10-year plan; however, planning for right of way preservation needs to occur now.

Design concepts and the Environmental Assessment began in 2010. This includes:


In 2008, an official map of Highway 55 between Annandale and Rockford was created to assist with planning for local jurisdictions.




Highway 55 in Wright County is the one of the most heavily traveled two-lane roads in Central Minnesota. Traffic volumes on Highway 55 between Rockford and Buffalo already exceed the threshold for conversion to a four-lane expressway. By year 2010, traffic volumes on Highway 55 between Buffalo and Annandale will also exceed the criteria for expansion to a four-lane expressway.




A major concern on the Highway 55 corridor is safety. Between January 1998 and December 2008, there were a total of eight fatalities and 27 life-changing crashes on the corridor. The costs to society for the 1,250 crashes that occurred on Highway 55 over this ten year period was more than $71 million dollars.



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