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Hwy 23—Foley to Milaca

Benton and Mille Lacs counties


MnDOT will improve 13.5 miles of Highway 23 from Foley to Milaca in 2022.

Detour until November

Hwy 23 detour map via Benton CR 4 Foley, Mille Lacs CR 12, Hwy 169 Milaca
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Foley to Milaca

Hwy 23 is closed for the full duration of this project.

  • Detour: Broadway Ave. S Foley, Benton Co. Rd. 4, Mille Lacs Co. Rd. 12 and Hwy 169 Milaca. Hwy 23 detour map, PDF
  • Through Sept. 20: Detour changes in Foley to close and work beneath the intersection of Hwy 23 and Broadway Ave. Follow construction signs along Fourth Ave. and Dewey St. to/from Broadway Ave. S in Foley.

Truck route: Hwy 95 west of Foley to Hwy 169 Princeton back to Hwy 23 Milaca. Truck route map, PDF

Local impacts

Open to those who live, work or visit

Access will be maintained and open along Hwy 23, however expect changes to access and gravel surfaces. Use area alternate routes and exit/enter closest to your destination to reduce delays.

Project location map - Foley to Milaca
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Detour(s) to reconstruct road, underground utilities or pedestrian sidewalks; lane closures, flaggers

Local access from Hwy 23
  • West end
    • Broadway Ave. to 6th Ave. access use Dewey St. and 6th Ave.
  • East end
    • 9th Ave. to 13th Ave. access from 135th Ave. Local traffic to use Hwy 23 and temporary access to be removed after Sept. 20 to be reconstructed. Expect changes, lane shifts, gravel surfaces through this area. Drive slow to reduce dust.

Foley to Milaca

Detour(s) to replace culverts/pipes beneath road; lane closures, flaggers with pilot car to resurface the road. Work map shows pipe locations. Use closest alternate route east or west of the closure.

About this project

Summary of work

Project location map - Foley to Milaca
Hwy 23 work Foley to Milaca in 2022. Select map, PDF

Foley to Milaca 

Includes Ronneby, Oak Park and Foreston. Project summary of work map, PDF

  • Resurface 12.5 miles of road (mill and overlay asphalt) from east of 13th Ave. in Foley to 120th Ave./Rum River bridge in Milaca
  • Realign/widen and add turn lanes to improve access at these Hwy 23 intersections:
    • 135th Ave/Benton Co. Rd. 66 east of Foley
    • Ronneby Rd/Benton Co. Rd. 6 in Ronneby
    • 165th Ave NE/Benton Co. Rd. 7 in Oak Park
    • Benton Co. Rd. 53/167-1/2th Ave. in Oak Park
    • 150th to 145th Ave/Mille Lacs Co. Rd. 18 in Foreston
    • 140th St. west of Milaca
  • Add overhead street lighting
  • Replace culverts/pipes beneath road
  • Install mumble/rumble strips and upgrade guardrail


  • Reconstruct one mile of Hwy 23 from Broadway Ave. to east of 13th Ave., includes city curb/gutter and storm sewer. Project summary of work map, PDF
  • Improve access at these Hwy 23 locations:
    • Construct a new roundabout at 8th Ave./Penn St.
    • Realign 9th Ave. east of roundabout
    • Install turn lanes at Lord Ave. and 13th Ave.
  • Install pedestrian multi-use trail (10 feet wide) along the northside of Hwy 23 from Broadway Ave. to east of 13th Ave.
  • Install pedestrian sidewalk along the southside of Hwy 23 from Broadway Ave. to 8th Ave./Penn St.
  • Replace one underground drainage structure west of 13th Ave.
  • Add overhead street lighting
    Project location map - Foley to Milaca
    MnDOT will reconstruct Hwy 23 through Foley from Broadway Ave. to 13th Ave., includes a new roundabout at 8th Ave./Penn St. Select map image for PDF