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Hwy 210—Brainerd to Ironton

Crow Wing County

About this project

Reconstruct 11 miles of road surface, replace/repair pipes and improve access on Highway 210 from the end of the four-lane in Brainerd to Ironton in 2019.

Work map
Hwy 210 Brainerd to Ironton. Click map for larger PDF version

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct 11 miles of Hwy 210 road surface (full-depth reclamation), includes shoulders and turn-lanes
  • Reconstruct the Hwy 210 and CR 12 (Deerwood shortcut) intersection
  • Repair or replace underground drainage structures, includes pipes:
    • West of CR 147 (Crow Wing County Landfill)
    • West of CR 59
    • West of CR 12 (Deerwood shortcut)
  • Add left turn lanes at CR 25, CR 147 (Crow Wing County Landfill), CR 59
  • Add bypass lanes at the Mississippi Northwoods entrance, Sploezens Rd and a trucking business entrance east of CR 147
  • Add a continuous center left turn lane from west of Jordan Rd to the Airport Rd/CR 142
  • Install mumble and rumble strips