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Oct. 29, 2010





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Prep work for Garrison Concourse rehabilitation began Nov. 1



BAXTER, Minn. —Prep work for the rehabilitation of the wall at the historic Garrison Concourse on Mille Lacs Lake began on Monday, Nov. 1. The work is being done in an effort to preserve the historical integrity of the site over winter. 


plaqueCrews will salvage rock from the wall that has fallen into Mille Lacs Lake and document, then store, the rock over the winter at the MnDOT facility in Garrison. Following the salvage operations they will place temporary riprap to protect the outer wall.


This season’s work is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 19, weather permitting. 


Historic rehabilitation is scheduled to begin in June 2011, when crews begin temporary sheet piling installation and dewatering to allow restoration of the outer wall facing the lake. 


Restoration work will begin in Aug. 2011. The wall will be reconstructed with similar pink and black granite that was used when it was constructed in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. 


The outer wall restoration work is scheduled to be completed by the end of Nov. 2011. 


In May 2010 the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota listed the Garrison Concourse as one of the state’s 10 most endangered historic places.


Project Funding


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided nearly $350,000 in funding for the dewatering efforts for the restoration of the outer wall.  The remaining funding will be provided by TEA and MnDOT District 3 to total $800,000 for this portion of the work. 


The masonry construction, let under a separate contract in spring of 2011, will be funded by TEA funding and MnDOT District 3. 




Garrison Concourse Drawing

Garrison Concourse. A bird's-eye perspective drawing from 1937 showing the Garrison Concourse design
and adjacent roadway reveals the site's high complexity. Few changes have occurred since construction
over 60 years ago.


Walleye Concourse concourse




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