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Open House
Oct. 21, 2010





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Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan Public Open House


The Region 7W Development Commission is hosting a public open house to gather public input on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s future investment priorities for public transit in Greater Minnesota.  The open house will include a presentation highlighting projected future need for transit services in Greater Minnesota, service hours required to meet projected need, and the cost to provide those service hours.  Emphasis will be placed on investment priorities for providing service hours in future scenarios with both increased and decreased state and federal funding for public transit. 



Date: Monday, November 8


Time: 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.



MnDOT St. Cloud Training Center

3725 12th Street North
St. Cloud, MN, 53603


This location is accessible via the Metro Bus Pantown line.  For more information, visit


Questions about this open house may be directed to Linda Gondringer at 651-222-7227.  Please visit the plan website for more information on this planning effort.



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