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Sept. 7, 2010




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MnDOT employees available to discuss highway work zone safety


BAXTER/ST. CLOUD, Minn.—Elementary schools, driver’s education classes and other groups can now schedule a presentation to learn more about highway work zone safety from employees of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.


Speakers Bureau PresentationThe MnDOT Speakers Bureau program is being offered to help promote safe driving in winter and summer highway work zones. The one-hour presentation includes driving and safety tips that will help motorists safely maneuver through construction zones and around snow plows.


MnDOT presenters will share personal examples from their years of experience either driving snow plows or working on the road in highway work zones. A short quiz is also offered as an aid for learning. As an added benefit, arrangements can be made to have a fully-equipped MnDOT snow plow truck available at the presentation site.


There is no cost for the multi-media program, which can be geared for any age group—pre-elementary to senior citizens. The program is best suited for driver’s education classes and in conjunction with 55 Alive programs. A PowerPoint presentation, video segments and an instructor’s guide are included in the presentation materials. 


Groups in central Minnesota interested in scheduling a safety presentation through the Speakers Bureau program should contact Judy Jacobs at 218-828-5706. 


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