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Aug. 23, 2010




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Update: Highway 10 overflow bridge just north of Little Falls



BAXTER, Minn. - Motorists traveling on Highway 10 overflow bridge over the Mississippi River north of Little Falls will encounter a traffic switch on Wednesday, August 25.   


The newly constructed westbound bridge will open to a single lane of traffic to allow crews to complete the median work between the westbound and eastbound roadway and bridges. Eastbound motorists will remain restricted to a single lane over the river. 


The westbound ramp from Morrison County Road 76 to westbound Highway 10 will remain closed. Motorists should watch for signed exits.


Boating traffic on the Mississippi River will be maintained. 


The bridge was originally closed to traffic on Wednesday, March 17, due to damage from an ice jam in the main channel and erosion to the overflow bridge. Crews built temporary traffic crossovers on each end of the bridge and stabilized the westbound lanes to allow motorists on the bridge. 


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