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Project Update
Sept. 15, 2011




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District 3


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Hwy 25/Sherburne CR 11 north east of Monticello


Last week, on Thursday, Sept. 15, the prime contractor began the initial traffic control changes required to move into the next stage of construction on the Hwy 25 improvement project.  These traffic control changes were ongoing up until the final traffic switches were made on Monday, Sept 19.


Northbound Hwy 25 motorists have been moved from two lanes into one lane, south of the Broadway intersection.  Southbound motorists are in a one lane situation throughout the entire project.  This traffic pattern is required to prepare the northbound and southbound motorists for two-lane/two-way traffic over the Mississippi River bridge and through the CR 11/14 intersection.  Once the northbound motorists are beyond the construction zone they cross back over onto the newly constructed northbound Hwy 25 lanes.  The southbound traffic is returned to their respective lanes between River Street and Broadway.


State traffic rules and guidelines are being followed to ensure for the safest and most convenient, construction work zone possible given the high traffic volumes that use Hwy 25 through the town of Monticello. 


Signal system timing, increased construction signing, the use of message boards, law enforcement officers and project updates/news releases have all been, and will continue to be, the main tools we use to manage traffic patterns and traffic flow through the project. 


The traffic control that is in place for this stage of construction does not allow much room for adjustments. 


This stage of construction will include the removal of the existing pavements, grading work, curb and gutter, concrete median, new bituminous pavement and a new signal system at CR 11.  With this northbound Hwy 25 work, CR 11/14 will also be reconstructed to allow for the future incoming dual left turning traffic.  This stage of construction will take approximately three weeks to complete and will lead into the next, and final, stage of construction.  The final state consists of the same type of work with the same time frame, but will be on the southbound side of Hwy 25 and include the remaining portions of CR 11/14.


The project completion is expected to take until the end of October, weather permitting.


The original project completion date was scheduled for early September, but due to the state government shutdown, contractors were forced to leave the project and seek work on non-state projects.  The project was suspended for a period of 20 days between July 1 and July 20.  Once the budget was agreed upon, the contractors were allowed to return to the projects.  Then,   the problem of scheduling became a major issue.  Contractors across the state were trying to make up for lost time on all state projects; all at the same time.  In the construction world, a three week shutdown realistically can take up to 6-8 weeks to recover--due to these equipment and labor shortages.


This project is in a highly concentrated traffic area and MnDOT realizes any lane/capacity reductions have the potential for a major impact on drive time during peak travel times. The best everyone can do to help the situation is to avoid the construction area during these peak morning and evening travel times.


MnDOT wants all motorists, residents and businesses to know that we, along with the contractors, are doing everything we can to get your Hwy 25 safety improvement project completed this season. 


We do need--and appreciate--everyone’s support and patience as we work to make this roadway safer for you. 



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