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News Release
June 10, 2011




Minnesota Department
of Transportation
District 3


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New safety technology planned for Hwy 169/Mille Lacs County Road 11 intersection


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – In an effort to increase safety along the Hwy 169 corridor, crews installed a Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System at the intersection of Hwy 169 and Mille Lacs County Road 11 north of Milaca.

After some testing and calibration, the system is expected to be operational by the end of June. 


The RICAS system has four driver interface displays to alert and warn drivers on Mille Lacs County Road 11 of approaching traffic on Hwy 169.


In partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory Department of Mechanical Engineering, Minnesota Department of Transportation officials are striving to address motorists’ failure to stop at stop signs in rural through-stop intersections. 


The primary crash factor at these intersections is failure to recognize a safe gap. The driver then pulls out into traffic and is hit at a right angle. The results of these crashes are catastrophic—resulting in serious injuries or death. 


Understanding driver unsafe gap rejection behavior and subsequent alert and warning timing was accomplished through a MnDOT-sponsored, eight-state pooled fund study. Officials captured trajectory data for both major and minor roads. From this data, they derived alert and warning timing. 






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