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Highway 23 Project News
July 23, 2009

Workzone at night

July 23-30

Washington Memorial Drive to 4th Avenue; Overpass at Lake George

Washington Memorial Drive, south of Highway 23, will close to traffic on Monday, July 27. Motorists will be detoured onto 14th Avenue. This closure is required for sewer/water main work and is anticipated to be closed for two weeks.

12th Avenue on the north side of Highway 23 opened to traffic on Wednesday, July 22.

The south side of 7th Avenue and Highway 23/Division Street is closed to traffic to facilitate the planned construction in the intersection. Traffic will be utilizing the 5th Avenue intersection until the work at 7th Ave is completed.

Grading work on the northbound lanes of 9th Ave, south of the bridge, and on Highway 23 from the eastbound on/off ramps to 6th Avenue has been completed. Graveling operations begin today..

Grading on 1st Street will start on Friday and will continue into the first part of next week.

Excavation of the east overpass abutment and pier 3 will be completed this week.

Pile driving has been completed on the west abutment, pier 1 and pier 2. Pier 3 will be completed this week.

West abutment concrete pours will be completed this week.

Pier 1 stems will be formed/poured this week. Pier 1 cap pour is scheduled for the first part of next week.

Pier 2 footings to be poured this week.

East abutment pile driving is scheduled to begin Friday.

Light base installation from 14th - 12th Avenue is scheduled for this week. Installation of the light bases along the east side of 9th Avenue and the eastbound on/off ramp to 7th Avenue will begin next week.

Concrete crushing operations were completed last week.

Concrete curb and gutter along the east side of 9th Avenue and the eastbound ramp to 7th Avenue will be poured on Friday.

Sidewalks between 12th Avenue and 17th Avenue will be poured early next week.

Traffic on Highway 23/Division Street in St. Cloud has switched over to the westbound lanes. Traffic is now utilizing the newly constructed north half of the Lake George bridge.

Eastbound left turns at Washington Memorial Drive are no longer permitted, for the remainder of the project. Eastbound motorists can turn left or go straight and turn left at several intersections beginning with 16th Avenue. Eastbound right turns and westbound right/left turning movements will be allowed at Washington Memorial Drive.

The south side of 4th Avenue at Highway 23/Division Street is closed to traffic to help facilitate the new eastbound traffic lane movement.

The south side of 14th Avenue at Highway 23/Division Street remains closed to allow for the bituminous paving.

On/off ramps at 9th Avenue South are closed to traffic. 9th/10th Avenue traffic continues on the southbound lanes between 4th Street and St. Germain.

Mississippi River Bridge; 4th Avenue to Wilson Avenue

Highway 23 was closed from Wilson Avenue to Lincoln Avenue on Monday to allow crews to reconstruct the Wilson Avenue intersection. This work will include water main, storm sewer, curb and gutter, bituminous surfacing, lighting and a new signal system. Motorists using Highway 23 are detoured onto Lincoln Avenue to 1st Street North. Wilson Avenue will remain open during this work and traffic will be crossing Highway 23 on a gravel surface at the intersection. Work will be completed by early November.

Decking crews have completed decking the main bridge spans over the river. The first section of deck to be poured is for span 2 over the river and is scheduled for mid-week next week.

Signal removal and roadway grading work on Wilson Avenue intersection started this week and will continue for two weeks. Water main and storm sewer work will start early next week at the intersection. Curb and gutter work will begin in about two weeks east of the bridge on Highway 23.

Crews will begin working on retaining walls on the east side of river.

Crews are placing rebars for the bridge structural deck and should be completed by mid-week next week.

Crews will be testing the 16" insulated water main for the river crossing between the girders. East approach panel will be formed and poured after water main testing is completed.

Boat traffic will be maintained on the Mississippi River during this project.

Project Updates

News and detour information: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d3/projects/hwy23bridge/

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