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Hwy 371 four lane expansion

Nisswa, Pequot Lakes, Jenkins

Project update - October 2017

All Roads Open Celebration in Pequot Lakes Oct. 18

Lakes Area community residents, businesses and elected officials, gathered together for a Highway 371 'All Roads Open' Celebration and ribbon cutting event at Pequot Lakes Supervalu on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 18. Attendance was over 100. A big thank you to Supervalu for hosting the celebration event. More photos; event posters, program

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the completion of the new Highway 371 four lane in the Lakes Area.

All lanes of new Highway 371 project open Oct. 6

Highway 371 looking southward at Cullen Brook area in Nisswa. All four lanes opened by noon Friday, Oct. 6. Crews will return the week of Oct. 9 to remove traffic barricades and barrels from the work zone and complete any remaining work. Photo by Randy Shoen, Mathiowetz Construction

Project Update - September 2017

ALL ROADS OPEN! Access Downtown Pequot Lakes from Highway 371 at CR 112, CR 11 or Patriot Avenue (old Hwy 371).

Good news - New lanes, accesses open

New southbound Highway 371 opened to one lane of traffic between CR 18 and CR 29/Wilderness Rd in Nisswa in early September, in addition:

  • North Patriot Avenue access and new connection at CR 17 is complete and open
  • West Twin Lake Dr detour is lifted and access open
  • New Edna Lake Rd connection to CR 29 is open
  • Wilderness Rd/CR 107 detour is lifted and access is open
  • Lower Cullen Rd access is open
  • Cullen Brook west culvert is installed and southbound lane open
  • New Highway 371 four-lane and accesses are open and complete between CR 16 in Jenkins and CR 29/CR 107/Wilderness Rd in Pequot Lakes.
Crews complete work in the median near West Twin Lake on Sept. 28. All lanes to be open in early Oct. All Roads Open Celebration Oct. 18.

Highway 371 remains an active work zone through Nisswa until mid-Oct. Both directions remain reduced to a single-lane, as crews complete work between CR 18 and CR 29/Wilderness Rd in Nisswa/south Pequot Lakes. Motorists will continue to encounter changes or short-term access closures through the area. Current map

The project is on schedule, and all lanes will open by Oct. 13, weather permitting.


A new flyover drone video of the entire project was taken on Sept. 2 and posted online Sept. 19. Plans are to take one more when the project is complete. Photo of the new CR 11 interchange with roundabout accesses.

Project update - August 2017

New Patriot Avenue/CR 107 reduced conflict intersection opens in south Pequot Lakes. All Roads Open Celebration Oct. 18.

New Patriot Avenue access open in south Pequot Lakes

We thought you’d like to know that crews recently opened the new, southernmost access to Patriot Avenue at Highway 371 in south Pequot Lakes. That means if you’re heading to any of the businesses, parks, residences or other fine locations in south Pequot Lakes, you can now get there via the new Hwy 371/Patriot Avenue/CR 107 Reduced Conflict Intersection. How to navigate reduced conflict intersections.

Patriot Avenue

The new name for “old Hwy 371” through Pequot Lakes.

You can also continue to access downtown Pequot Lakes at the new Hwy 371/CR 11 interchange and new Hwy 371/CR 112 Reduced Conflict Intersection. Get the three ways into Downtown Pequot map

Nisswa to Pequot Lakes

Highway 371 in Nisswa and south Pequot Lakes remains an active work zone in many areas. Please continue to navigate with care. And thank you for patience. Get the current Highway 371 map


Work is complete and all lanes and accesses are open through Jenkins.

Project update - Monday, July 24

Hwy 371 Project Update graphic
Access closure scheduled for Monday, July 24 in Pequot Lakes

Crow Wing County Road 17 is scheduled to close at old Hwy 371 (North Patriot Ave) in Pequot Lakes on Monday, July 24, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Motorists to use 9th Ave SW/Myers Rd to Jenkins, and Hwy 371/CR 11 or Hwy 371/CR 112 to Pequot Lakes. The short-term closure is needed to install a culvert below the roadway.

All other traffic configurations are current, and remain in effect.

Project update - July

Access closes at Wilderness Rd, opens at County Rd 29

Highway 371 access

  • Wilderness Rd/CR 107 access to close until mid-September. Use north CR 107 access
  • CR 29 access to open as a gravel surface
    • West Twin Lake Dr access to remain closed. Use detour to CR 29
    • Edna Lake Rd access to use new connection (gravel surface until later in summer) to CR 29

Cullen Brook area

Highway 371 traffic shifts onto new lanes June 27

  • The new eastside culvert at Cullen Brook is installed, and future northbound lanes built.
  • Both directions of Highway 371 will be shifted onto the new lanes (future northbound) June 27.
  • Work will then begin on the southbound lanes and westside culvert at Cullen Brook.
  • The Cullen Brook thru waterway remains closed.

All lanes, accesses to open by mid-September, 2017.

Highway 371 remains open to two-way traffic between CR 18 in Nisswa and CR 168/107, and continues to have areas of single-lane closures between Jenkins and Pequot Lakes.

Project open house

Get the latest Hwy 371 project updates – and see the new Batwing Plow – at ‘Market in the Park’ in Pequot Lakes

You’re invited to join us for an outdoor open house Thursday, June 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Market in the Park in downtown Pequot Lakes. Our booth will be located at the Pequot Lakes Welcome Center in Trailside Park, 31095 Government Drive (corner of CR 11 and Patriot Avenue).

You’ll be able to get the latest updates and information about the new lanes that recently opened in Pequot Lakes, view the latest overhead drone video of the project, get all of your questions answered.

You’ll also be able to view and tour the new “Batwing Plow” that will be used to remove snow from those fabulous new Hwy 371 lanes beginning this winter.

Batwing Plow allows the snowplow driver to plow the left or right side of the roadway. Most plows are equipped with only a right wing

Please join us, and the other Market in the Park vendors, for what should be a fun day in downtown Pequot Lakes!

Project update - June 2017

New Hwy 371 interchange and lanes provide smooth new route to Pequot Lakes June 6

See the new drone footage taken by WSB & Associates showing the progress of the four lane expansion in mid-May 2017.

If you like new lanes, smooth black pavement and safe, efficient interchanges, you’re going to enjoy driving the new segment of Hwy 371 that opens in Pequot Lakes June 6.

The new lanes of Hwy 371 through most of Pequot Lakes, and the new Hwy 371/CR 11 interchange that will provide safe and easy access to downtown Pequot Lakes, will open before the sun sets on Tuesday, June 6. As always, the schedule is weather dependent.

It’s important to note that you’ll still have to drive with extra diligence south of Pequot Lakes, as Hwy 371 between Nisswa and Pequot Lakes remains a two-lane work zone until later this year.

Traffic changes that begin June 6

  • JUNE 6 project map
  • New Hwy 371/CR 11 Pequot Lakes interchange will open – this will likely be your best new route into and out of Pequot Lakes.
    • Driving tip: the interchange uses oval roundabouts at the tops of the ramps – please remember to slow down and that vehicles already inside of a roundabout have the right of way, and that only right hand turns are used to navigate into and out of any roundabout
  • New lanes of Hwy 371 from south Pequot Lakes to Jenkins will open. Motorists may encounter periodic single-lane closures to complete access connections and work along the roadway in this area.
  • Existing Hwy 371 through Pequot Lakes will be renamed “Patriot Avenue.”
  • New Patriot Avenue/existing Hwy 371 will close from CR 168 to Chamber Lane in south Pequot Lakes. To access Pequot Lakes from the south, use the new Hwy 371/CR 11 interchange. CR 168 itself will remain open and accessible using the new Hwy 371/CR 168/CR 107 intersection.
  • A segment of Patriot Avenue/existing Hwy 371 in north Pequot Lakes will close. Use the new Hwy 371/CR 11 interchange, or follow the detour signs

Highway 371 will remain two-way traffic between CR 168/107 in Pequot Lakes and CR 18 in Nisswa through Sept 2017. On June 6, work will begin on reconstructing the new southbound lanes and road connections.

  • Traveling to CR 29, or other roads in the fabulous Edna Lake and West Twin Lake area west of Hwy 371? Just follow the detour along Hwy 371 to the Villa View Drive intersection.
  • Lower Cullen Road will close at Hwy 371. To access Lower Cullen Road, use Roy Lake Road.
  • All lanes of CR 16 in Jenkins will open, and the signal system at Hwy 371/Myers Rd/CR 16 will become operational.
  • The Myers Road detour will end.

Join us June 15 for an outdoor info session and celebration

Have questions about the project? Please join us, alongside other vendors at the Pequot Lakes Market in the Park in downtown Pequot Lakes Trailside Park , Thursday, June 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll have project staff on hand with informational displays. We’re also working to bring some cool heavy equipment for display.

Project update - Spring 2017

On May 11, crews remove the old steel culvert pipe at Cullen Brook and prepare for the new structures. By Randy Shoen, Mathiowetz Construction See more photos

Work continues on the future four-lane

The final year of construction on the future Hwy 371 four-lane in Nisswa, Pequot Lakes and Jenkins, in Crow Wing County continues through fall 2017.

Crews may be working in various locations along Hwy 371 between CR 18 in Nisswa and Rosewood St in Jenkins– surveying, relocating utilities, establishing turf, installing signs or safety barrier, hauling materials, paving, moving soils, watering, etc. Please be watchful and drive with care in all areas of the work zone.

Schedule goals

Updated May 23, 2017

  • Open Hwy 371 to four lanes between CR 16 in Jenkins and CR 168/107 in Pequot Lakes on June 6. Get map
    • Hwy 371 to remain open to two lanes of traffic (on new northbound) between CR 168/107 in Pequot Lakes and CR 18 in Nisswa, as crews construct southbound and access road connections from June to late summer
  • Open Hwy 371 to four lanes between CR 168/107 in Pequot Lakes to CR 18 in Nisswa in September.
  • Entire project to be complete by Fall 2017

Schedules are tentative and subject to change.

Traffic impacts

Hwy 371 open at all times.

Nisswa through early August: Reconstruct southbound Hwy 371 and the west Nisswa Ave connection in Nisswa

  • Both directions of Hwy 371 reduced to a single-lane of traffic on the northbound side of the roadway in Nisswa Map
  • Right-turns only from Nisswa Ave to Hwy 371
Crews to construct new northbound Hwy 371 in Jenkins, includes CR 16.

Jenkins through June 6: Construct northbound Hwy 371 and the CR 16 connection in Jenkins. Access and new signal system to open June 6.

  • Access to CR 16 closed at Hwy 371/Myers Rd. Detour map
  • Signal non-operational at Hwy 371/CR 16/Myers Rd
  • Myers Rd to use a stop sign to access Hwy 371
  • Access to CR 145 closed at CR 16 Detour map

New drone footage coming

On May 24, the consultant took another drone flyover footage of the Hwy 371 project to show the progress. Once compiled, the video will be online at www.mndot.gov/d3/Hwy 371/video.html

Work plans


  • Install the eastside Cullen Brook culvert and pave roadway (northbound lanes)
  • Construct new Edna Lake Rd connection to CR 29
  • Construct southbound lanes and complete Nisswa Ave connections

Road signs installed along future Highway 371 on April 12.

Pequot Lakes

  • Construct new CR 168 access connections to complete the new reduced conflict intersection at Hwy 371/CR 168/CR 107.
  • Install fencing along new alignment


  • Construct Hwy 371 northbound lanes and road connections, includes the CR 16/Myers Rd/Hwy 371 intersection

Paul Bunyan Trail

  • Trail is open. Please stay on trail to ensure newly planted native seedlings grow along the trail.

Project update - Dec. 21, 2016

Edna Lake Rd connection in Nisswa

Due to weather conditions, work on the new Edna Lake road connection to CR 29 in Nisswa has been postponed, and work may be moved to spring 2017. Once the new connection is built, access will close permanently to Hwy 371.

Have fun, but please stay on the trail

With our first snowfall, many snowmobilers and ATV users hit the trails this past week, and we'd like to remind users to please stay on open trails, and out of the state right of way. We know it's very inviting, but extensive damage can occur when driving on newly built areas and embankments. Snowmobilers and ATV users who travel in closed areas may also crash into unknown obstacles, like fencing or drainage pipes.

Also, damage to the state right of way can be costly and users will be fined and/or charged for repairs.

Please be safe, have fun and stay on the open trails.

Paul Bunyan Trail Pequot Lakes recorded conditions via DNR

New Hwy 371 flyover footage

New drone footage of the entire project on Nov. 4.

See the project’s 2016 progress! New drone video footage was taken of the entire Hwy 371 project through Nisswa, Pequot Lakes and Jenkins, on Nov. 4. View the footage!

2016 highlights

  • Ground breaking ceremony in Pequot Lakes on April 15
  • First new segment (future Hwy 371 southbound) between West Twin Lake Drive and County Road 107 in south Pequot Lakes opened on Aug. 30
  • Crow Wing County Road 11 bridge and lanes opened on Oct. 28
  • Second new segment (future Hwy 371 southbound) in Jenkins/north Pequot Lakes opened on Nov. 4
  • The future reduced conflict intersections in Pequot Lakes partially opened to through traffic at County Road 112 on Oct. 25, and County Road 107 on Nov. 4
  • The new Paul Bunyan Trail and bridges are built and open to trail users

All four lanes of the new roadway to open in fall 2017.

Winter season is here

Highway 371 remains open with shoulder closures. The current traffic set-up will remain in place over the 2016-2017 winter season.  Like always, our MnDOT maintenance crew from the Pine River truck station will maintain the roadway for you. Get map

Mathiowetz Construction crews will continue to work along the roadway through mid- December, then work operations will suspend until spring.

Hwy 371 access from Smiley Road in Nisswa

Access to Hwy 371 from Smiley Rd in downtown Nisswa has changed since the newly reconstructed Nisswa Avenue connection east of Hwy 371 opened Oct. 28. Access is as follows:

  • Southbound Hwy 371 to Baxter - Use signal at County Road 18. Making a left-turn from Nisswa Avenue to southbound Hwy 371 is no longer possible and permanently closed.
  • Northbound Hwy 371 to Pequot Lakes – Use Nisswa Avenue.

Project update - Nov. 3, 2016

Project map for Nov. 4 in Jenkins/Pequot Lakes.

Hwy 371 motorists to use new lanes in Jenkins

Highway 371 traffic will shift onto the newly constructed one mile segment (future southbound) near Myers Road/CR 16 in Jenkins on Friday, Nov. 4. A temporary signal will be used at the intersection. Access to Myers Road, CR 16 and CR 145, will be maintained and open.

Access opens, detours lift Nov. 4

  • CR 107 Opens - New reduced conflict intersection at CR 107/Hwy 371 in Pequot Lakes will partially open, follow signs. CR 107 detour will be removed.
  • Myers Road Opens - New connection west of the signalized intersection of Hwy 371/ CR 16 in Jenkins will open and detour removed.
  • Roy Lake Rd, Lower Cullen Road, and Wilderness Ridge Rd Open - New accesses east of Hwy 371 in Nisswa will open, and work road signs removed.

Did you miss the Open House in Pequot Lakes?

We've put all the presentation materials from Oct. 25 on the web.

Deer hunting opener Nov. 3-6

Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener to be held in Pequot Lakes and Breezy Point this year. Many activities will take place during this year's celebration, Nov. 3-6.

Please drive with care, and expect an increase of traffic in the Brainerd Lakes area during Deer Hunting Season.

Happy hunting!

Project update - Oct. 28, 2016

Good news–County Road 11 is open in Pequot Lakes

The newly reconstructed segment of Crow Wing County Road 11, including the interchange bridge, in Pequot Lakes, opened to traffic Friday, Oct. 28. Here's the full scoop:

  • County Road 11 (Main Street) is open!
    • Please slow down and drive with care (signed 30 mph) through the partially opened roundabouts before-and-after the bridge.
    • Ramps at bridge and future Hwy 371 alignment is closed until work is completed in May or June, 2017.
    • The sidewalk on the new bridge is closed until crews install the south ornamental safety railing by the end of November
  • Derksen Rd is closed permanently east of Morehouse Dr

View of the future interchange in Pequot Lakes on Oct. 21.

View of the wetlands from the new Paul Bunyan Trail bridge in Nisswa. Photo by Jenny Seelen

Paul Bunyan Trail

  • Paul Bunyan Trail is open between Nisswa and Jenkins.
  • Permanent ornamental railing has been installed on the new trail bridge over future Hwy 371 in Pequot Lakes. The trail bridge and CR 11 bridge to be painted in 2017.
  • For your safety, please wear orange during Hunting Season
  • Stay on the trail

Edna Lake Rd in Nisswa

The new Edna Lake road connection to CR 29 in Nisswa may or may not begin this year. The road would be a gravel surface until 2017, when CR 29 is reconstructed to Hwy 371.

Drone video footage

The project team will be taking drone video footage to show the progress of the project. The drone will fly above the future closed lanes of the project between Nisswa and Jenkins the week of October 31. The licensed drone operator will need to shoot footage on a sunny, non-windy day. Once available we will post online for all to view.

Project update - Oct. 14, 2016

Road, trail closures week of Oct. 17 in Nisswa

Crews to install a drainage system near Lower Cullen Lake that requires some closures the week of Oct. 17 in north Nisswa.

  • Lower Cullen Rd east of Hwy 371 to Roy Lake Rd to close at 7 am Monday, Oct. 17. Use Roy Lake Rd at Hwy 371 for access into Nisswa.
  • A short segment of the Paul Bunyan Trail, will also close in this area from 7 am Monday, Oct. 17 until 6 pm Tuesday, Oct. 18. Please seek alternative routes.

Project update - Oct. 6, 2016

Construction Open House set for Oct. 25 in Pequot Lakes

We're halfway there! You're invited to join us for a Construction Open House and first year completion celebration, Tuesday, Oct. 25, in Pequot Lakes.

Feel free to stop by anytime between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. The project team will give a project update presentation at 6 p.m. and be available to answer questions. Project photos and layouts will also be on display.

  • Construction Open House
    Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    Presentation at 6 p.m.
    Cole Memorial Building (next to the bobber water tower)
    4285 Tower Square
    Pequot Lakes
  • Event flyer: PDF, Png image

Come and see what's been constructed in 2016, and what's planned for 2017!

We hope to see you there!

Open house graphic

Project update - Sept. 30, 2016

Hwy 371 access to east Roy Lake Rd closes Oct. 3

Hwy 371 access to close to east Roy Lake Rd on Monday, Oct. 3. Locals to use Lower Cullen Road access at Hwy 371, just north of Roy Lake Rd, in Nisswa. Get map

The closure is necessary to reconstruct the Roy Lake Rd connection to Hwy 371, includes installing new drainage culverts below the roadway.

Hwy 371 access, detour to CR 107 switches Sept. 30

Hwy 371 access to close at north CR 107 and to open at Wilderness Rd (south CR 107) on Friday, Sept. 30. The current signed CR 107 detour will also reverse direction. Locals to use CR 107 to the new Wilderness Rd access to Hwy 371. Get map.

Olson Road residents to use detour until the new connection and frontage road at Hwy 371 through mid-October. Evergreen Pt residents to also use the detour to Wilderness Rd.

The closure is necessary to begin work on the future CR 107 intersection connection to Highway 371.

New Paul Bunyan Trail and trail bridges open

Feel the WOW fall– New Paul Bunyan Trail and bridges are open to trail users in south Pequot Lakes. Please be safe and stay on the marked trail, some areas still gravel, watch for signs. Enjoy!

 Paul Bunyan Trail web page on DNR web site.
The Minnesota State Parks and Trails are celebrating 125 years. More event information.

The new trail bridge south of Wilderness Rd in Pequot Lakes on Sept. 23. Photo by Matt Indihar, MnDOT

A few tasks remain

Construction of the Paul Bunyan Trail for the Highway 371 project is nearly complete. New trail segments and bridges located south of Derksen Rd and south of Wilderness Rd in south Pequot Lakes, opened to trail users Friday morning, Sept. 23.

Only a few small tasks remain to be completed on the trail and may require some temporary segment closures:

  • Install pedestrian ramp features/approaches at CR 107 and Wilderness Road in Pequot Lakes and Myers Road in Jenkins. These locations are gravel and work will be completed when roads are paved in October.
  • Install permanent ornamental railing on the new trail bridge over the future Highway 371 four lane, south of Derksen Road in October. The entire structure will also be painted next year.

CR 11 bridge deck surface

Crews have been working on the new CR 11 bridge deck the past two weeks. The first week reinforced iron rebar (green color) was set into place to frame the future deck. The second week, concrete mix materials were delivered in mixer dump trucks. The wet materials were vacuum pumped from below to the top bridge deck. The deck pouring took two work days and was completed on Sept. 23.

Crews install reinforced iron rebar (green color) to frame the future CR 11 bridge deck. Photo by Matt Indihar, MnDOT
Crews pour the new CR 11 concrete deck surface. Photo by Matt Indihar, MnDOT

Project update - Sept. 12, 2016

Future trail bridge arrives

Bridge truss sections are delivered on Sept. 1
Bridge truss sections are delivered and unloaded using two cranes on Sept. 1, for the future Paul Bunyan trail bridge near Wilderness Rd. Photo by Randy Shoen, Mathiowetz See more photos

Project update - Aug. 30, 2016

Trail closes for paving Aug. 31 - Sept. 2


The Paul Bunyan State Trail will close south and north of Myers Rd between 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31 until early afternoon Friday, Sept. 2. No posted detour, please seek other routes. The closure is needed to pave the newly realigned trail segment in Jenkins/Pequot Lakes. Trail users can enjoy the new smooth surface over this upcoming Labor Day Weekend! Get map

Hwy 371 traffic shifts onto new segment Aug. 30

South Pequot Lakes

Highway 371 traffic shifted onto the newly constructed lanes (future southbound) between West Twin Lake Drive and Evergreen Lane in south Pequot Lakes on Tuesday evening, Aug. 30. This marks the first segment to be completed and open to motorists! Get map

Crews will now close and remove the old Hwy 371 pavement, work on the northbound lanes and construct a new frontage road connection between Olson Road and Pow Wow Point Road. The frontage road is to be complete by

Local access

  • Pow Wow Point Road area - Use temporary gravel road to Hwy 371
  • Olson Road access closed just east of work area - Use CR 107 to Hwy 371
  • Evergreen Lane access to Hwy 371 closed permanently - Use CR 107 to Hwy 371

Highway 371 remains open to traffic at all times between Nisswa and Jenkins. Please drive with care through the work zone.

  • Hwy 371 has shoulder closures, access road closures and lane shifts
  • Expect slow moving equipment entering and exiting work areas
  • Watch for directional signs, barriers and cones
  • Temporary traffic signal at Derkson Road in Pequot Lakes

For all current access detours, traffic impacts visit the main page.

Crews pour the Paul Bunyan trail bridge deck surface.

Other news

  • Crews have begun working on the future southbound lanes, road connections and Paul Bunyan Trail in Jenkins.
  • Paving operations are underway on the future lanes, connections and temporary crossovers
  • Work continues on the new Paul Bunyan Trail bridge over Hwy 371 in Pequot Lakes. The bridge beams have been installed and the concrete deck surface poured.
  • The bridge beams for the CR 11 interchange are delivered and set-in-place.. The bridge deck surface will follow. CR 11 will be open to traffic in early November.
  • Work is being done in most areas of the project--Nisswa, Pequot Lakes and Jenkins. The project is on/ahead of schedule.

Project update - July 28, 2016

Clearing begins near Edna Lake Road

Tree removal and clearing is scheduled to begin the first week of August near Edna Lake Road. A frontage road will be built that connects Edna Lake Road to County Road 29. Future map

A sub-contractor will remove approximately four acres of trees at different planned locations, including a half acre near Edna Lake Road. All cut trees will be chipped and recycled back into the project. Some trees will remain, and be pruned to promote future growth.

The design-build team continues to work hard with the community to limit the amount of trees needed for removal. We understand that it of highest priority to the overall integrity and beauty that the area provides.

Upcoming access closures

Jenkins - Myers Road to close at the Hwy 371/CR 16 intersection in Jenkins on Friday, Aug. 12. A signed detour will use 9th Ave SW and CR 17, west of Hwy 371, between Pequot Lakes and Jenkins. Get map

Downtown Nisswa - Access to Nisswa Ave to close east of Hwy 371 in Nisswa on Monday, Aug. 15. Motorists to use the Hwy 371/CR 18 signalized intersection, CR 18 roundabout and Smiley Road to access downtown Nisswa. Get map

Project update - July 27, 2016

Paul Bunyan trail closure extended through Thursday due to rain

A short segment of the Paul Bunyan trail is closed south of Wilderness Rd in Nisswa/Pequot Lakes July 26-28. No signed detour, please seek other routes. Get map

The closure was scheduled for two days, but rainy weather has delayed work another day.

When work is completed, part of the trail will remain a gravel surface until the new pre-fabricated trail bridge is delivered and installed in mid-August.

Project update - July 7, 2016

Shoulder closes in Jenkins

Crews to close the shoulder along southbound Highway 371 using safety concrete barrier from south of the Myers Road/CR 16 signalized intersection in Jenkins to Pequot Lakes. Earthwork will begin in this area to construct the future southbound lanes.

  • Hwy 371 is open with shoulder closures. Temporary traffic signal at Derksen Rd in Pequot Lakes.

Project update - July 1, 2016

Fourth of July Holiday Week

  • Highway 371 remains open to traffic - Temporary signal at Derkson Road in Pequot Lakes
  • Expect heavy recreational traffic in the Brainerd Lakes Area, be patient, pay attention and plan accordingly
  • Check 511mn.org for current travel speeds and statewide road conditions
  • Follow signs for local detours
    • County Road 11 is detoured in Pequot Lakes/Breezy Point
    • County Road 112 is detoured in Pequot Lakes/Jenkins
    • Wilderness Road is detoured in Pequot Lakes
    • Evergreen Point closed at CR 107 in Pequot Lakes

Walk, run or bike the Paul Bunyan Trail

Paul Bunyan Trail is open. Some temporary reroutes, follow signs, stay on trail

Paul Bunyan Trail is open to trail users - graphic

  • New Paul Bunyan Trail segment completed from north of Wilderness Rd to East Twin Lake
  • Short segment is gravel south of Wilderness Rd
  • Follow signs, stay on trail, expect some temporary reroutes

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Project update - June 17, 2016

Hwy 371 project making fast progress

There is a lot to report on with the Hwy 371 four lane expansion in Nisswa, Pequot Lakes and Jenkins.

Traffic impacts

  • On Monday, June 20, the segment of CR 112 located just north of downtown Pequot Lakes, from just north of Isabelle Drive to north of Akerson Road, will close and detour. If all goes as planned, the road will open by Oct. 1.
  • CR 11 remains closed just east of downtown Pequot Lakes. Just follow the short signed detour.
  • As always, access to local homes and businesses will be maintained.
  • Get the detour map.

June 2016 - Birdseye view at CR 11 and Hwy 371.
Birdseye view at CR 11 and Hwy 371.


East Cullen Brook area - wick drains and surcharge

Crews finished installing the wick drains at Cullen Brook at noon on June 8. More than 475,000 linear feet (or 90 miles) of “wick” were installed to an average depth of 32 feet in the area of the future road bed. After the 90 miles of wick drain were installed, crews placed about six feet of fill over the area. That material will be left to settle. As it settles and compacts, water will escape upward through the wicks. More and more and more material will be added until the ground beneath the future roadbed is solid enough to support the future roadway. This process is called a “surcharge.” Completing a surcharge in this area could take several years without the wick drains installed. With the wick drains installed, the process will take less than a year. The wick drains will not be removed after the surcharge is complete. Many people have asked how we’ll know the soil is ready. The answer: geo technical instrumentation was also installed at the site, and is providing real time data to engineers and others who monitor and measure the settlement of the surcharge. After the soils reach their proper specifications, the road can be built.

June 2016 - Grading
Wick drainage installation at Cullen Brook.

Paul Bunyan Trail & Bridge at Wilderness Rd

The first phase of work is complete on the Paul Bunyan Trail bridge south of Wilderness Rd. The concrete is poured, and all footings, abutments, and the single pier are in place. The next step is to place the prefabricated bridge trusses and complete the bridge deck. If all goes as planned, that will happen in July, and the bridge will be complete in August.

Paul Bunyan Trail bridge north of CR 107

Work is underway on the Paul Bunyan Trail Bridge to span over Hwy 371 just north of CR 107/CR 168. Footings are in place, and the lone pier is complete. Stay tuned for updates on progress.

CR 11 interchange and new Hwy 371 lanes

A lot – and we mean A LOT – of earthwork is happening along the route of the future Hwy 371. Construction on the future Hwy 371/CR 11 Pequot Lakes interchange has also begun, and next week you’ll see the future bridge that will span CR 11 over Hwy 371 begin to take shape.

Reduced conflict intersection at CR 112

Work has begun on the future Hwy 371/CR 112 Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI). The new intersection will allow safer access between Hwy 371 and local roads in north Pequot Lakes, and will open as part of a temporary route this fall. Learn more about RCI intersections.

Project update - May 26, 2016

Traveling Hwy 371 to Breezy Point or Pequot Lakes?

Here are a few travel tips.

The new Hwy 371 four-lane expansion is well underway in Nisswa and Pequot Lakes. If you’re heading Up North by way of Hwy 371, here’s what you can expect:

  • If you travel to Breezy Point, be prepared to exit Hwy 371 a bit farther south than normal. A short segment of County Road 11 is closed just east of Pequot Lakes City Hall. The signed detour will direct you to Hwy 371/Derksen Road, just south of the Hwy 371/CR 11 intersection. Get map.

  • If you are one of the many folks who travel from Breezy Point to Pequot Lakes by way of CR 11, no worries. Main Street will remain open west of City Hall. And all Pequot Lakes businesses will remain accessible. Just follow the short detour.

  • Wilderness Road is closed at Hwy 371. The signed detour will direct you to the north junction of CR 107. Get map.

Hwy 371 dirt moving equipment on jobsite
Crews work on the new roadway on May 19, 2016.
Photo by Randy Shoen, Mathiowetz Construction

  • Expect a change in scenery as the path of the future Highway 371 has been cleared. Trees have been cleared, nearly 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt have been moved, preliminary work is underway for several new bridges, and there is a lot of construction activity underway.
  • YOU can make a difference when it comes to safety. Please, please, PLEASE – keep focused on the road ahead, and don’t gawk while navigating the work zone.
  • Like to bike and hike? The Paul Bunyan Trail will remain open throughout the project.

Also, we understand that construction is a spectator sport. If you’d like to check out construction, most of the job site can be viewed from the Paul Bunyan Trail. But remember, you MUST stay on the trail. Entering the work site is not only dangerous to you, it can also be dangerous to others - including those working on the project.

Project update - May 20, 2016

Detour for CR 11 in Pequot Lakes in progress

Uses temporary signal at Derksen Rd and Hwy 371

Hwy 371 Project Update graphic
Construction of the new CR 11 Pequot Lakes interchange in Pequot Lakes requires a detour from May 21 through Fall 2016.

The detour goes south of CR 11 using a temporary road connection to Derksen Rd and Hwy 371. A temporary traffic signal is also operational at the intersection of Derksen Rd and Hwy 371. Motorists are asked to obey speed limits, follow detour signs, and be watchful for Paul Bunyan Trail users crossing Derksen Rd.

Business accesses are open! Main Street/CR 11 is open in Pequot Lakes to just east of Gravdahl Drive.

CR 11 will be open to through traffic at the new interchange this fall. The Hwy 371 alignment will open to traffic in 2017.

Project reminders

Detour for CR 114 in Pequot Lakes begins mid-June

Construction of the new reduced conflict intersection at CR 114 and Highway 371 in Pequot Lakes, requires a closure and detour from mid-June to fall 2016. The detour uses CR 16, Hwy 371 and CR 11. Schedule and detour are tentative, and subject to change.

Evergreen Point

Access to Evergreen Pt at CR 107 in Pequot Lakes is closed to construct the new road connection and Paul Bunyan Trail south of CR 107. Use access from Highway 371.

Tree Farm Rd

Tree Farm Rd access closes permanently at future Hwy 371 on May 13. Use new frontage road (Knotty Pine Rd) from CR 11 to access east Tree Farm Rd.

Access to Wilderness Rd closed

Access to Wilderness Rd at Hwy 371 is closed through September. The detour uses north junction County Rd 107.

Project information hotline

We encourage you to call our Highway 371 project information hotline at 1-218-568-4661 with any questions and concerns. Please leave us a message and someone on the Project Team will contact you.

Also, if you missed the open house held on April 15 in Pequot Lakes, we've published the handouts and display posters on the meetings page.

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Project update - April 13, 2016

You're invited to join us in Pequot Lakes April 15

Just a friendly reminder that everyone is invited to meet Hwy 371 project engineers and staff, learn about 2016 construction, schedules, scopes, designs, vertical wick drains, box culvert bridges and more – and grab a cookie or two – at the informational open house in Pequot Lakes this Friday!

Doors open at the Cole Memorial Building 4:30–6:30 p.m. A formal presentation is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. Please see below for more details. Invite friends and family, stay informed Please consider inviting friends and family to the open house.

Groundbreaking ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony commemorating the start of Hwy 371 road construction will also be held April 15 from 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Trailside Park. What’s the difference between the ceremony and the open house? We’ll have a lot more information – including project layouts, informational handouts and a presentation – at the open house.

Project reminders

Access to Wilderness Rd closes Monday, April 25

The project’s first detour will begin on April 25 (weather has delayed the start, previously set for April 11) when County Rd 107/Wilderness Rd closes at Hwy 371. The short detour will direct you to the north junction of County Rd 107/Hwy 371, about two miles north of County Rd 107/Wilderness Rd. Detour map

New project information hotline 1-218-568-4661

We encourage you to call our Highway 371 project information hotline at 1-218-568-4661 with any questions and concerns. Please leave us a message and someone on the Project Team will contact you.

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Project update - April 4, 2016

Path is cleared for new Highway 371

The path is now literally cleared for the new four-lane Hwy 371 in Nisswa, Pequot Lakes and Jenkins as crews have completed clearing the future road’s right of way. That process left behind a clear view of the future road’s route, along with huge piles of woodchips. The good news is that all of those woodchips – around 50,000 cubic yards worth, or 5,000 dump truck’s worth, or enough to cover 30 acres in a foot of woodchips – will not go to waste. They will all be used as part of the project. Some of the woodchips will be used this year for erosion control to protect sensitive environmental areas, and some will be used to create a platform for equipment needed to build lanes and the new box culvert at Cullen Brook. The less good news is that none of those woodchips are available for purchase or private use off of the project site.

Tree Clearing along Hwy 371
Placing woodchips along Cullen Brook in north Nisswa on April 4, 2016.
By Randy Shoen, Mathiowetz Construction

Access to Wilderness Rd closes Monday, April 25

The project’s first detour will begin on April 25 (weather has delayed the start, previously set for April 11) when County Rd 107/Wilderness Rd closes at Hwy 371. The short detour will direct you to the north junction of County Rd 107/Hwy 371, about two miles north of County Rd 107/Wilderness Rd. Detour map.

Construction kick-off open house and celebration April 15

The public is invited to celebrate the start of major construction and learn the latest details about this important project. Construction kick-off

Please join us Friday, April 15 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Cole Memorial Building, 4285 Tower Square in Pequot Lakes (at the NW corner of Hwy 371/County Rd 11). You'll be able to view informational displays, take home project information, meet project staff, and just generally get all your questions answered and eat a few cookies in the process. A short presentation is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. We look forward to meeting you!

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Project update - Feb. 5, 2016

Tree clearing

Crews are clearing 120 acres along the new route for the future four-lane segment of Hwy 371 between Nisswa and Jenkins.

  • One crew will begin clearing trees and brush on the south end of the project near Cullen Brook, just north of downtown Nisswa.
  • Another crew will begin clearing on the north end of the project near the future Hwy 371/CR 11 Pequot Lakes interchange, just east of Pequot Lakes City Hall, near the historic fire tower.

Traffic impacts will be minimal. While you may encounter flaggers when trucks enter/exit Hwy 371 and County Road 11, and you may see a few more trucks hauling equipment.

Tree clearing photo
Tree clearing for future four lane on Feb. 26, 2016.
Photo by Matt Indihar

Drivers please don't gawk
The landscape is rapidly changing along Hwy 371 as trees are cleared. For your safety and ours, please don't suddenly slow down or stop to gawk when driving along work areas.

Construction begins in spring 2016 and will be complete in fall 2017.

Detour planned for CR 11 in Pequot Lakes

Construction of the new CR 11 Pequot Lakes interchange in 2016 will require a detour. Plans are to detour traffic south of CR 11 in Pequot Lakes using a temporary road connection (yet to be built) to Derksen Rd and Hwy 371. A temporary traffic signal will also be used at the intersection of Derksen Rd and Hwy 371. Detour map

Information is subject to change.

Access to businesses and residences will be maintained throughout the Hwy 371 expansion project.