Current Hwy 24 Mississippi River bridge

Hwy 24 Bridge Replacement


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Estimated Cost





Project site prep-work begins in 2014


Crews will begin removing trees and clearing areas for the future bridge abutements, just east of the existing bridge. Motorists may encounter trucks hauling debris.


About this project


Location MapThis project replaces the existing bridge over the Mississippi River on Hwy 24 at Clearwater.


This river crossing serves both commuter and recreational traffic, with current average daily traffic volumes of 14,800 and forecast volumes of more than 30,000 vehicles per day in 2040.


The existing two-lane bridge was built in 1958 and is due for replacement. The bridge shoulders are too narrow to provide adequate room for handicap accessible vehicles, and the sidewalks do not meet current design standards. 


The project will build a new two-lane bridge just east of the existing Hwy 24 bridge.


The current plan will also keep the existing bridge open to traffic while the new bridge is constructed.  After the new bridge is opened to traffic, the old bridge will be closed and removed.


The new structure will include wider shoulders and a pedestrian sidewalk/trail separated by a barrier for improved access.


Current Hwy 24 Mississippi River bridge