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Hwy 23 Four Lane Expansion
Hwy 95 east of St. Cloud to Hwy 25 in Foley
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Moving fill materials to build-up the road baseProject News


Hwy 23 ribbon cutting celebration set for Nov. 8 in Foley (Nov. 6, 2012)


Hwy 23 opens as four lanes on Friday, Nov. 2 (Nov. 2, 2012)


Access to Benton CR 4 (May 5, 2012) Via Hwy 25 and Glenn Street.


Highway 23 expansion project east of St. Cloud (March 12, 2012) Motorists traveling on Highway 23 will use a detour via Hwy 95 and Hwy 25


Hwy 25 road closure and detour in Foley week of Oct. 24 (Oct. 21, 2011) Crude oil pipeline repairs. Road closed just south of the Hwy 23/25 intersection to Norman Avenue. Detour via Hwy 23, CR 66 and CR 51 in Foley. Work to be complete by Oct. 28.


Hwy 25 utility work in Foley scheduled to begin Aug. 15 (Aug. 12, 2011) Detour via  Hwy 23, 4th Ave N, Benton CR 43 and 85th St NE. Work to be complete late August.


Hwy 23 expansion project from east of St. Cloud to Foley begins July 27 (July 25, 2011) Expect periodic access/lane closures. Entire project to be complete by November 2012.


Hwy 23 project information meeting set for May 25 (May 11, 2011)



Left to right: City of Foley Mayor Gary Gruba, Foley Area Chamber President Bruce Latterell and Chamber Board Member John Herges
Photo by Cal Puttbrese


Ribbon Cutting Celebration


On Nov. 8, 2012, the public gathered for a Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the Hwy 23 four-lane expressway, which opened to traffic on Nov. 2, 2012. Representatives from the city of Foley, Foley Chamber of Commerce, Hoffman Construction Company and the Minnesota Department of Transportation briefly spoke about the project. Approximately 30 attended.



In August 2012, crews build-up the base for the future road.
In August 2012, crews build-up the base for the future road. Photo by Jenny Seelen

Work Completed


Hwy 23 from Hwy 95 to Hwy 25:


Hwy 23 two-lane resurfacing


In the city of Foley:

Swampy section filled

Bridge over the Elk River

Installed Settlement Monitoring System


Geotextile and fill are installed over a swampy section (Elk River bridge) of the future Hwy 23 four-lane, west of Foley. The area consists of organic (weak) materials reaching the depths in excess of 50 feet.


A Destination Innovation funded Settlement Monitoring System for $150,000, was installed in the embankment in 2011. The monitoring system consists of placed sensors within the embankment that generates a plot of settlement over time. This data allows for an accurate determination of the consolidation of materials, and a better assurance when the pavement surfacing materials can be placed.


This monitoring system will continue to measure future material movements near the bridge over the Elk River.



Hwy 23 is a direct route between the regional centers of Willmar, St. Cloud and Duluth, and is classified as an Interregional Corridor (IRC). The existing highway was a heavily traveled rural two-lane roadway with a history of fatal and serious injury crashes.


In 2006, Highway 23 carried approximately 7,300 vehicles per day, with the number expected to grow to approximately 14,000 by year 2030.


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