Diverging Diamond in St. Louis Missouri
Hwy 15 Diverging Diamond Interchange
Stearns County Road 120 in Sartell and St. Cloud
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About this diverging diamond

The constructed diverging diamond interchange at Highway 15 and County Road 120 in Sartell and St. Cloud opened to traffic on October 2013.


The project was constructed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), in partnership with Stearns County and the cities of Sartell and St. Cloud.


The area around this intersection is rapidly growing. New healthcare facilities and retail businesses have increased the amount of traffic in the area, which warranted the development of this project.


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New DDI opens to traffic. Photo by Blake Redfield, city of St. Cloud




How to drive a diverging diamond interchange graphic


How to drive


Motorists on Stearns CR 120 will proceed through the first traffic signal, and follow their lane to the opposite side of the road. Drivers accessing Hwy 15 will turn left onto the ramps. Through traffic will continue to the second traffic signal and follow their lane back to the right side of the road.


Pavement markings, signs and signals direct motorists through the intersections.


Motorists on Hwy 15 will use the ramps and traffic signals to access CR 120.


How to navigate graphic poster (PDF)


Pedestrians and Cyclists

will use sidewalks to access a center pedestrian island in the middle of the bridge. The walkway is protected with concrete barriers.


Pedestrians cross only one direction of traffic and cross fewer lanes.



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Crews troubleshoot timing of the signals before opening the ddi.
Photo by Blake Redfield, city of St. Cloud




Center Pedestrian Island - MoDOT
All MnDOT projects--both new construction and rehabilitation projects--must include evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Components can include, but are not limited to adding curb cuts, truncated domes and accessible pedestrian signals. Read about MnDOT's transition plan to comply with the ADA.



Specific to this project


Pedestrians will cross to the middle of the bridge and walk in between the eastbound and westbound lanes with protective barriers on either side. Sidewalks with ramps and signalized crosswalks lead pedestrians through the DDI safely.





Claudia Dumont
Project Development



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