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Hwy 10 Elk River – Lake Orono

Replace bridge, improve road surface

Hwy 24 bridge

About this project

Reconstruct the Highway 10 bridge over Lake Orono and the road surface between Joplin St/185th Ave and Xenia Ave in 2017 and 2018.

Project location map

The Elk River flows through Lake Orono which then merges into the Mississippi River. The Hwy 10 bridge is located over Lake Orono between Gary St and Simonet Dr in northwest Elk River.

Summary of work

  • Replace the Hwy 10 bridge over Lake Orono
  • Reconstruct the Hwy 10 road surface from Joplin St to Xenia Ave
  • Upgrade the signal system and make intersection improvements at Hwy 10/Joplin St NW/185th Ave
  • Install a multiuse trail to connect from Orono Park across the bridge at Simonet Dr NW



  • New upgraded bridge structure
  • New smoother road surface and updated drainage infrastructure
  • Improved safety and access for motorists and pedestrians


  • $9.8 million - Shafer Contracting Co