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Hwy 25—Foley north to Genola

Benton and Morrison counties

Resurface, improve

Project location map - Foley to Genola
2017 PROJECT COMPLETE: Resurface and improve Hwy 25 Foley to Genola.

Project complete

We hope you enjoy the new Hwy 25 road surface, and thank you for your patience during this 2017 road project!

Summary of work

  • Resurface 27 miles of roadway (mill and overlay), includes shoulders
  • Raise the road grade at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Morrison CR 328/83rd St south of Buckman to improve motorist sight distances
  • Repair or replace drainage, includes a box culvert south of CR 328/83rd St
  • Improve a road slope along Hwy 25 near Benton CR 2/125th St NE in Silver Corners
  • Replace and improve pedestrian sidewalks through Buckman

Information is tentative and subject to change.


Information tentative and subject to change

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