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Hwy 25—Foley north to Genola

Benton and Morrison counties

Resurface, improve

NOVEMBER 2 - Motorists will continue to encounter roadwork and periodic lane closures on Highway 25 between Foley and Genola. Rainy/snowy weather has caused some delays on the 27 mile project, and work will go through mid-November.

Thank you for your patience during this road project.

Project location map - Foley to Genola
Resurface and improve Hwy 25 Foley to Genola. Project map

Today on Hwy 25

Foley to Genola

  • Motorists can plan for periodic stops with flaggers and a pilot car (rural areas) controlling traffic through work segments between Foley and Genola. Crews to work sunrise to sunset, on good weather days.
  • Pay attention to workers and slow moving trucks entering and exiting work areas.
  • Access to businesses and residences will be maintained and open, follow signs.
  • For current statewide road conditions, check 511mn.org

Summary of work

  • Resurface 27 miles of roadway (mill and overlay), includes shoulders
  • Raise the road grade at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Morrison CR 328/83rd St south of Buckman to improve motorist sight distances
  • Repair or replace drainage, includes a box culvert south of CR 328/83rd St
  • Improve a road slope along Hwy 25 near Benton CR 2/125th St NE in Silver Corners
  • Replace and improve pedestrian sidewalks through Buckman

Information is tentative and subject to change.