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Hwy 238 Upsala to Albany

Stearns and Morrison counties

Reclamation road resurfacing

New base materials exit the reclamation machine.
Recycled pavement and base materials exit the reclamation machine.

The Hwy 238 resurfacing project will use a construction process called Reclamation.

Crews grind and mix the old pavement surface with the existing gravel and then place and compact the recycled (reclaimed) pavement materials. A new layer of blacktop is then paved over the reclaimed surface.

In the long run this process saves money. It provides a longer lasting pavement life than a typical mill and overlay resurfacing project. Fewer, if any cracks, will appear in the new road surface with this process.

In Depth Look: Road Train Work Operation

Rehabilitation Work on Hwy 65 Mora to Woodland

  1. A water tanker feeds water into the reclaim machine to keep the grinder cool and aid in the compaction of the recycled material
  2. A grinder with diamond head teeth, grabs, chops and grinds the blacktop road surface and the below gravel base
  3. Ground up materials travel by conveyor belt to a screened grinder that keeps oversize materials from entering the newly recycled base materials. The reclaimed materials are then placed back onto the existing road surface
  4. A grader smoothes out the new base materials and a compactor packs down and densifies the road base
  5. A new layer of blacktop is paved on top