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Hwy 2 Kennedy Bridge

East Grand Forks

Latest News

  • The temporary crossovers have been constructed and the contractor is working on temporary trail grading on both sides of the river
  • Pile driving for the temporary pier began this afternoon
    • It will take place during sporadic times throughout the day and loud construction hammering noises can be heard

Upcoming Schedule

  • On Friday, April 14:
    • Traffic will switch so that single lane traffic in each direction will travel on the southern two lanes of the bridge
    • The westbound ramp from Fourth Street / River Road will be closed
    • Crews will continue to drive pilings on the northern portion of the bridge
  • Around April 24
    • Traffic will be switched to the northern lanes
    • The eastbound ramp to Fourth Street / River Road will close (and the westbound ramp will open)
    • This will allow workers to drive pilings and begin deck removal on the southern portion of the bridge
    • Traffic will remain on the northern half of the bridge through the fall

Traffic impacts

  • Short term- Occasional detours of up to three days duration
  • Long term- Lane closures
  • Restrictions for oversized vehicles
  • MnDOT will try to coordinate passage for agricultural equipment when possible. Those crossings can only take place from 4-6 a.m., and must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact Paul Konickson during regular business hours at 218-277-7963, paul.konickson@state.mn.us.

About this project


The final design features a complete deck replacement, pier replacement, structural repairs and new lighting. The new layout will maintain four lanes of traffic and also adds an additional protected walkway that will connect the Greenway Trail on each side of the river.

Although the bridge deck will have a brand new look, motorists won't see much difference in lane space as the biggest change is to the bike and pedestrian trail. A center median is not a design standard on bridges of this size, and by removing it the space can be better used to provide a safe walkway.

Although the driving lanes are decreased by 6 inches, the shoulders see an increase of 15 inches. When complete, the bridge will be able to accommodate the same vehicles that use it now.

Current layout of the bridge deck

Current layout of the bridge deck

Future layout after construction

Future layout after construction

Visualization of Kennedy Bridge after construction

Visualization of Kennedy Bridge after construction

Learn more

Check out the about tab for more information on the history, planning, design and FAQ for the Kennedy Bridge project.