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Park Rapids Intersection Control Evaluation

Hwy 71 / Hubbard County Road 15

A coordinated effort

Hwy 71/County Rd 15 intersection

MnDOT is gathering public input regarding potential intersection reconstruction and corridor access modifications on Hwy 71 from Hubbard County Road 15 to Eighth Street in Park Rapids.

Alliant Consulting Inc. is currently conducting an Intersection Control Evaluation to analyze the intersection and access management along the corridor. The final safety enhancements selected for construction will be based upon the results of this study and input provided by the public.

Preliminary results from the project study suggest that a roundabout at the intersection would provide the greatest safety and functional benefit.

Visit the Public Involvement page to submit your comments.

The study

The goal of an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) is to select the optimal control for an intersection based on an objective analysis for the existing conditions and future needs. These guidelines provide direction and recommendations for completing an Intersection Control Evaluation. In order to determine the optimal intersection control strategy, the overall design of the intersection must be considered. The flexibility of significant change in intersection design will largely be decided by the scope and location of the project. Some general objectives for good intersection design that should be considered are:

  • Provide adequate sight distance
  • Minimize points of conflict
  • Simplify conflict areas
  • Limit conflict frequency
  • Minimize the severity of conflicts
  • Minimize delay
  • Provide acceptable capacity

The purpose of the ICE report is to document all of the analysis (technical, financial, political) that went into determining the recommended alternative. Early decisions help limit scope creep. The ICE process will help collaborate with local agencies and considers all options on an equal basis.

The following intersections were analyzed during the ICE. Traffic signals are no longer being considered at this intersection because the volume of traffic using the intersection is not projected to reach the minimum threshold until the year 2029.

Intersection Control Evaluation considerations
Intersection Control Evaluation considerations for Hwy 71 and Hubbard County Road 15