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Hwy 11 Resurfacing, Baudette to Pitt

Hwy 72 to Lake of the Woods County Road 6

Project Complete

Hwy 11 Baudette to Pitt construction project map


Project background

Summary of work

  • Resurface 8 miles of Hwy 11 from Baudette to Pitt
    • The rural portion will be constructed mostly under traffic
    • The urban portion will be completed in three phases and include two detours

A complex resurfacing project

This summer’s resurfacing project on Hwy 11 from Baudette to Pitt is only 8 miles, but it's a complex project that will take the bulk of the summer to complete. It’s planned to begin on June 1 and includes two different components that will each be completed on their own independent schedules. The reason this particular project is so complex is that the City of Baudette has piggy-backed on this project to upgrade and replace utilities. Typically during urban projects like this, cities take this opportunity to upgrade utilities because it allows them to stretch their construction funding further.

  • The positives are that the city doesn’t have to bear the additional cost of removing/replacing pavement, which means that more of their funding can go to actual infrastructure improvements. So it stretches those local dollars much further.
  • The down side is that it adds to the complexity of the project with more staging, deeper excavation and more overall work. So it really extends the duration of construction.

Understanding the increased impacts that the utilities replacement will have on this project, and the importance of Highway 11 to residents, business owners, and tourists, MnDOT is providing time-based incentives as part of the construction contract. These incentives provide increased financial motivation for the contractor to complete critical stages as quickly as possible.

Urban project overview
Urban project overview