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Hwy 11 Resurfacing, Baudette to Pitt

Hwy 72 to Lake of the Woods County Road 6


This $7.5 million, 8-mile resurfacing project is comprised of urban and rural components that will be constructed independently of each other. Although the entire project involves resurfacing, the urban reconstruct is much more complex and requires different staging to accommodate sewer and utility upgrades from the City of Baudette.


The urban component of this project is split into three phases which includes two different detours.

Phase 1 (1-3 weeks, weather permitting)

Begins with the replacement of utilities in a two block area along First Avenue NE in front of Willie Walleye Park. It is expected to last about one week, weather permitting. Concurrently crews will replace a culvert between River Drive NE and Park Drive NE.

  • A temporary access to Holiday Gas Station will be located in the back alley
Impact- Hwy 11 closed from 1st Ave NE to Hwy 72
Detour- Hwy 72, CR 35, CR 1 (3rd Ave SW)
Urban project phase 1 overview
Phase 1 overview

Phase 2 (about two months, weather permitting)

Location: Between Baudette River Bridge and County Road 165 (Ninth Ave SE).

  • Repair and resurface the Baudette River Bridge, pavement resurfacing, construction of turn lanes, and the replacement of: culverts, curb/gutter, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water utilities, pedestrian ramps and signs
  • Some Phase 2 work may be conducted concurrently with Phase 1
Impact- Hwy 11 closed from Baudette River Bridge to 9th Ave SE
Detour- Hwy 72, CR 35, CR 1 (3rd Ave SW) and 1st Ave NE, 2nd St NW
Urban project phase 2 overview
Phase 2 overview

Phase 3

Location: Between 1st Ave NE and the entrance to McDonald’s Restaurant

  • Same as Phase 2, except for bridge work
  • Some Phase 3 work may be conducted concurrently with Phase 2
Impact- Hwy 11 closed from McDonald's Restaurant to 1st Ave NE
Detour- 1st Ave NE, 2nd St NW
Urban project phase 3 overview
Phase 3 overview


The rural components of the project are located on both ends of the urban portion; the construction timeline for these segments are independent of the urban schedule. The work includes resurfacing and culvert replacement, and most of it will be done under traffic, although there are a few sections west of Baudette that will require a short-term detour. Otherwise, drivers can expect lane closures and delays as a pilot car guides motorists through the work zone.

Project locations

Western project limits

Location: between McDonald's restaurant in Baudette and County Road 6 in Pitt.

  • There are two frost heave areas that require a deeper excavation that cannot be done under traffic and they will be detoured temporarily.
Eastern project limits

Location: From County Road 165 (Ninth Ave NE) to Highway 72.

Impact- Hwy 11 lane closures from Pitt to Baudette and 9th Ave NE to Hwy 72
Temporary Detours- CR 3, CR 6
Rural project overview
Rural project overview