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Park Rapids Intersection Control Evaluation

Hwy 71 / Hubbard County Road 15


The Intersection Control Evaluation and project study determined that a roundabout would provide the greatest safety and functional benefit at the intersection of Highway 71 and County Road 15 in Park Rapids.

What would a roundabout look like?




Brochure- All about Roundabouts

Print your own copy of the Project Brochure as a PDF.





Brochure- How to drive a Roundabout

Print your own copy of the Project Brochure as a PDF.



Roundabout myths

Roundabouts are an increasingly popular selection for intersection improvements in Minnesota because of their high safety and economic benefits. Because some drivers may be unaccustomed to them, there are many misconceptions about their safety and effectiveness.

Some of the most common roundabout myths:

  • Are too small for semi-trucks
  • Cause more crashes
  • Not safe for pedestrians and bicycles

Modern roundabout myths

Where can I learn more about roundabouts?

Visit MnDOTs Roundabout webpage or check out this longer version of the roundabout myths video produced by the Minnesota Local Research Board.