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Hwy 2

County Road 75 / Bingo Palace Rd in Cass Lake

About the project

The Highway 2 intersection with CR 75 / Bingo Palace Rd will be reconstructed as a Reduced Conflict Intersection this summer. For more information on how these intersections work, see below or visit our webpage on RCI's.

Reduced conflict intersection layout
Reduced Conflict Intersection layout

Upcoming traffic impacts

  • Highway 2 lane closures
  • Detour of County Road 75 / Bingo Palace Road

Reduced Conflict Intersections

Reduced Conflict Intersections decrease fatalities and injuries caused by T-bone crashes on four-lane divided highways. In some parts of the country RCIs are sometimes referred to as J-turns, Michigan Lefts, or R-CUTs.


  • RCI's improve safety, with up to a 70 percent reduction in injury crashes nationwide
  • Minnesota currently has 12 RCI's, with the first one built in 2010
    • None of the reconfigured intersections have experienced a fatal crash

How do they work?

  1. Right turn: no change, right hand turns can be made the same as before
  2. Left turn: turn right, merge into the left lane and make a u-turn at the disginated median opening
  3. To cross a four-lane highway: turn right, merge in the left lane (or turn directly into the left lane), make a u-turn at the designated median opening, merge into the right lane (or turn directly into the right lane), and turn right onto the side road
  4. To make a left turn off of the highway: no change, left hand turns can be made the same as before.

How do they work?

  1. RCI's come in many different configurations and are designed to accommodate the normal traffic at the intersection.
  2. This example shows an RCI with u-turns on each end and a left-turn in for each direction of traffic.
How to drive a reduced conflict intersection