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Oct. 30, 2012



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Northwestern Minnesota Motorists buckle up 73.9 percent, survey says
Seat belt use rate up significantly; survey provides snap-shot of area motorist buckle up-rate


BEMIDJI — Northwestern Minnesota new seat belt compliance rate is 73.9 percent, reflecting an increase— last year’s belt use rate was 65.8 percent.

Northwestern Minnesota region has shown significant improvement in belt use rates when compared to other Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths regions.

The survey results were announced in conjunction with a statewide Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement effort that lasted through Oct. 26.

The observational survey was conducted in June and data were collected in eleven counties.

“Rural areas see more unbelted deaths. Increased belt use results in fewer unbelted deaths, but everyone needs to buckle up,” says Holly Kostrzewski, northwestern Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths coordinator.  “Seatbelt use is historically lower in rural areas compared to the Twin Cities.  Seatbelt use is the best defense in the case of a crash. It is important we continue to educate area motorists about the importance of buckling up to stop these preventable traffic deaths. Our ultimate goal is 100 percent compliance and by working toward that more people will make it home safely.” 

The regional seat belt surveys are unrelated to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) annual statewide survey results announced recently and cannot be compared to the statewide results.









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