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April 9, 2012




Minnesota Department of Transportation

District 2 Bemidji
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Bemidji, MN, 56601


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Hwy 59 at Plummer remains closed
Crews continue hazardous spill cleanup from train-truck collision


BEMIDJI, Minn. - Hwy 59 at Plummer in Red Lake County could remain closed through April, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota State Patrol.


Crews continue cleaning up a hazardous spill that occurred on Saturday, March 31, when a semi-truck collided with a train crossing the Hwy.


The hazardous material contains a high percentage of benzene, which is flammable. 


Motorists should not drive around the barricades, and any unauthorized people will be stopped from entering the site.

Southbound traffic detours east on Red Lake County Road 1 for seven miles, then south on Red Lake County Road 5 and Hwy 222, then west on Hwy 92 for six miles and then back to Hwy 59. Northbound traffic follows the same detour in reverse.

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