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News Release
March 25, 2011




Minnesota Department of Transportation

District 2 Bemidji
3920 Highway 2 West

Bemidji, MN, 56601


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Menards traffic signal in Bemidji to be operational April 1



BEMIDJI, Minn.—Motorists are advised to slow down and prepare to stop as they enter the city of Bemidji from the west on Hwy 197 when the Menards traffic signal at 2600 Paul Bunyan Drive N.W. is turned on April 1.


Bill Pirkl, Mn/DOT traffic engineer, said the signal will be turned on Friday morning, April 1. The signal will be set for red flashing until the afternoon when it will be switched to full control and monitored to ensure correct functioning. Mn/DOT traffic technicians will monitor the signal through the weekend for timing and phasing changes in preparation of the Menards grand opening.







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