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April 21, 2000




1.) Description/Cost: Grading and bituminous surfacing. $2,439,644.00

Location: T.H. 6 from Talmoon to Bowstring.
Proj. Dates: May 15th - Sept. 30th.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays. Detour begins in mid-July.

2.) Description/Cost: Mill, overlay and culvert repair. $1,161,042.00
Location: T.H. 2 from Cass Lake to Deer River.
Proj. Dates: May 15th - end of June.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

3.) Description/Cost: Traffic signals. $388,000.00
Location: In Bemidji at the jct. of T.H. 2 & CSAH 11, and jct. of T.H. 197 & 71.
Proj. Dates: July 17th - late August.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

4.) Description/Cost: Regrade and resurface (continued from 1999).
Location: Eastbound lanes from Bagley to Wilton.
Proj.Dates: Mid-April to mid-August.
Traffic Impact: Lane closures, speed reductions.

5.) Description/Cost: Grading, surfacing, lighting and signal system. $3,589,110.00
Location: T.H. 2 in Bagley.
Proj. Dates: Mid-May - mid-October.
Traffic Impact: Detour unto city streets.

6.) Description/Cost: Grading, storm sewers, paving, lighting, signals. $3,368,553.00.
Location: T.H. 2 in Fosston.
Proj Dates: Mid-May to mid-October.
Traffic Impact: Detour unto city streets.

7.) Description/Cost: Grading, concrete pavement, unbonded overlay. $3,131,398.00
Location: T.H. 2, east of T.H. 220 jct. to east of Business 2 junction.
Proj. Dates: May 21st to mid-August.
Traffic Impact: Lane shifts, reduced speeds

8.) Description/Cost: Rout and seal bituminous cracks, chip seal. $380,000.00
Location: Various locations on T.H. 2, T.H. 11, T.H. 310 and T.H. 75
Proj. Dates: Mid-July, completion dates vary.
Traffic Impact: Alternating use of lane, short delays.

9). Description/Cost: Inslope paving. $137,045.00
Location: T.H. 220, two small sections north of Oslo.
Proj. Dates: Mid-July to end of July.
Traffic Impact: Minimal delays.

10.) Description/Cost: Culvert replacement. $130,000.00
Location: T.H. 220, northwest of Climax
Proj. Dates: Late July.
Traffic Impact: Detour unto county roads.

11.) Description/Cost: Grading, paving, sewer, lighting and box culvert. $2,063,136.00
Location: T.H. 75 in Warren.
Proj. Dates: May 30th to mid-August.
Traffic Impact: Detour unto city streets.

12.) Description/Cost: Bit.overlay, aggregate shoulders, culvert repair, turn lanes. $1,370,000.00
Location: T.H. 1 from Thief River Falls to jct. of T.H. 219.
Proj. Dates: Mid-July to early Sept.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

13.) Description/Cost: Bit. Overlay, aggregate shoulders, culvert repair. $867,000.00
Location: T.H. 59 from Lake Bronson to Karlstad.
Proj. Dates: Late August to early October.
Traffic Impact: Alternating use of lane.

14.) Description/Cost: Traffic signal. $165,000.00
Location: T.H. 89 in Roseau.
Proj. Dates: Estimate July-August.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

15.) Description/Cost: Grading and Bituminous surface. $1,719,500.00
Location: T.H. 313, from Jct. of T.H. 11 in Warroad to US/Canadian border.
Proj. Dates: Mid-May to early Sept.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

16.) Description/Cost: Milling, overlay, turn lanes, by-pass lanes, culvert repair. $1,501,225.00
Location: T.H. 34, from jct. T.H. 225 to intersection of Steven=s Ave. in Park Rapids
Proj. Dates: June 26th - early Sept.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

17.) Description/Cost:Bit.overlay, CIR, aggreg. shoulders, culvert replace. $1,881,182.00
Location: T.H. 64, from east jct. T.H. 34 near Akeley to jct. T.H. 200.
Proj. Dates: Mid- May to late July.
Traffic Impact: Intermittent delays.

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