I-35 Unbonded Concrete Overlay

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I-35 Unbonded Concrete Overlay





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Photo of a large concrete saw cutting through the bottom edge of an old concrete bridge railing.
A large concrete saw cuts through the bottom edge of a bridge rail. Each bridge in the project area will get new concrete railings.

This project is completed


All businesses will remain accessible


All businesses will remain accessible during this project using marked detour routes. These businesses include: The Buffalo House, Kraemer Construction, Cretex Concrete Products, Calumet Oil Refinery Terminal, Kivi Bros. Trucking and St. Germaine Cabinets.


The detour follows Midway Road south to Becks Road and Becks Road west to Stenman Road for the Buffalo House. Or County Road 13 to County Road 73 for businesses located on County Road 73.


County Road 61 is open to Becks Road and Stenman Road during construction, providing access to all businesses from County Road 61



Project includes


image showing unbonded concrete overlay
MnDOT District 1 recently completed two other major projects on I-35 using unbonded concrete overlay. Unbonded concrete overlay is roadway resurfacing process in which a new layer of concrete is poured over an existing layer of pavement with an interlayer between them to break the bond between the two layers. The interlayer allows the layers to expand and contract independently of each other. By allowing the layers to move freely the new concrete surface is less prone to cracking and pavement deterioration..






























  • Replaces worn-out concrete with new concrete
  • Reuses old concrete base so there is no need to haul away old material
  • Long term improvement, will last more than 20 years.
  • Includes new paved shoulders and guardrail
  • Includes drainage improvements
  • Includes bridge improvements
  • Improves safety and provides a smoother ride.



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