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Hwy 73, County Rd 5 Roundabout


Project complete

About this project

Driving the Hwy 73/County Hwy 5 roundabout

St. Louis County is serving as the lead agency on this project. MnDOT and Hibbing Taconite are working in cooperation with St. Louis County.

Summary of work

  • Construct a roundabout at intersection of Hwy 73 and County Rd 5

Expected safety benefits

Intersections account for the second highest number of serious crashes on county highways. The design of an intersection will have a direct impact on public safety for many years. According to the Federal Highway Administration, a roundabout is a proven strategy to improve traffic safety. A roundabout at Hwy 73 and new County Rd 5 instead of an intersection controlled by stop signs is expected to reduce injury crashed by 82 percent and total crashes by 58 percent.


County Rd 5 was closed and relocated to Hwy 136 in Summer 2016. This change included widening Hwy 136 and constructing a new curve to bring County Rd 5 onto the Hwy 136 alignment. County Rd 5 was closed near Hibbing Taconite to provide access additional lands for mining.


Eric Fallstrom
St. Louis County Project Engineer

Victor Lund, PE
St. Louis County Traffic Engineer

Michael Kalnbach
MnDOT Project Manager, District 1 Duluth