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Hwy 65 resurfacing project

Itasca, Koochiching counties

Summary of work

A rendering of the Hwy 65 resurfacing project.

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Highway 65 from the north junction of Trunk Highway 1 to 0.5 mile south of Highway 8 in Itasca County and Koochiching County. The project involves 42.59 miles of alternating sections of asphalt overlay and mill and overlay.
The project falls within the boundaries of Carpenter Township in Itasca County, Unorganized Territories of South Koochiching and East Koochiching in Koochiching County and the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa's Nett Lake reservation sector.

Proposed project elements:

  • Pave 23 feet wide with 11-foot lanes and 6-inch shoulders
    • Combination of areas of 2-inch mill and 4-inch overlay and 2-inch overlay
  • Updated guardrail at the following locations:
    • Bramble Creek Crossing (RP 218+00.90)
    • Little Fork River (RP 224+00.11)
    • Prairie Creek Crossing (RP 228+00.172)
  • Rumble strips
  • Tree clearing for shading in limited locations within Bois Forte
  • Frost heave corrections at culverts in project limits
  • Bramble Creek
    • Placement of approximately 400 feet of sheet pile for slope erosion to protect the roadway as the stream continues to meander
    • Stream bank stabilization along the east side of Bramble Creek at Bridge #2571 to mitigate scour behind southeast wingwall
  • Tree stump removal: Various roadway subcuts that are approximately 12-inches deep to remove timber that is pushing up through the pavement surfacing. Subcuts will all be done within the existing paved roadway.
  • A temporary detour will be inplace for approximately 30-days during construction from the north junction of Trunk Highway 1 to Silverdale. The detour will use Trunk Highway 1 and St. Louis County Roads and has a detour length of 17.8 miles. The portion of TH 65 that will be closed to thru traffic is approximately 13.8 miles in length. Access for residents within the closure section will remain open.

Traffic impacts

A rendering of the Hwy 65 detour.

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There will be a detour for a portion of the project.