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Hwy 53 Relocation

Between Eveleth and Virginia

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Pat Huston
Project Director

Beth Petrowske
Public Affairs Coordinator

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Hwy 53 Relocation Project Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet events were held in July and August to discuss Disadvantaged Business Enterprisees subcontracting opportunities for the Hwy 53 relocation project.

For more information about Meet & Greet events visit: http://www.mndot.gov/civilrights/calendar.html

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will local preference be a factor in the CMCG contract selection process?
A: No.

Q: Would MnDOT consider alterations of grades and/or alignments for any of the alternatives in order to reduce construction costs and/or time?
A: M1 and E1A profiles are designed to meet the mine air quality standards in the permit to mine boundary.

Q: Would MnDOT consider alternate bridge designs in order to reduce construction costs and/or time?
A: Absolutely. MnDOT hopes the CMCG process will reveal alternatives.

Q: Would MnDOT consider different gradation requirements and/or different side slopes for the reinforced embankments to reduce the quantity of geosynthetics?
A: Absolutely. MnDOT hopes the CMCG process will reveal alternatives.

Q: Are there any special stormwater treatment requirements for the routes?
A: Yes. No roadway water can leave the right of way in permit to mine areas on M-1 and E-1A. Spill containment systems would be needed on the E-1A and E-2 routes as the Rouchleau pit serves as the drinking water supply for the city of Virginia.

Q: Will MnDOT modify its grading specifications to allow for more embankment construction during winter?
A: MnDOT is looking for expertise on methods to construct quality embankments in the winter.

Q: When will soil borings be available?
A: July 2014.

Q: Will utility relocations be part of the construction contract?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any nearby sources of grading material available for use for roadway embankments?
A: The contactor would be responsible for making any borrow arrangements with nearby landowners.

Q: Is Cliffs Natural Resources going to perform any of the work shown in the alternatives?
A: No.

Q: Will the soils and rock encountered in the excavation limits of the plan be available for use on the project?
A: Yes, with one exception. The landowner would retain ownership of any rock excavated for the E2 option.

Q: Is there a royalty cost to MnDOT for any of these materials?
A: No.