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Hwy 53 Relocation

Between Eveleth and Virginia

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Alternatives and Maps



The Minnesota Department of Transportation is recommending the E-2 route as the preferred alternative for the Hwy 53 Relocation project. This alternative is the northernmost route with a 1,100-foot bridge across the Rouchleau Pit. The project cost is estimated at $220 million.

Maps and information about the other alternatives is available by clicking the links below.

Rouchleau Pit Combined Lidar
Rouchleau Pit 10 Foot Contours
Rouchleau Pit Bathymetric Survey

For each of the alternatives, there are numerous variations that can be studied. These variations include minor alignment shifts, intersection modifications and improvements such as new traffic-control signal systems. The cost to purchase right of way and construct any of the current layout alternatives is unknown at this time. As estimates become available they will be published. The project budget is $90 million.