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Hwy 53

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Orange barrels on a highway

Project photos

November 2013

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This project will improve safety and capacity, reduce maintenance costs and encourage corridor development..
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The completed highway will have wider shoulders, turn-lanes at intersecting roads and median cross-overs.

November photos by Christopher Gulan, District 1 transportation generalist senior

July 2013

Several pieces of equipment working at the Hwy 53 project.
Work is in high-gear on the Hwy 53 four-lane expansion project.
Piles of large rocks at the project site.
Approximately 30-thousand tons of rock has already been blasted from the site. Approximately 10-thousand tons still need to be blasted. The large pieces of rock are used as rip-rap in areas prone to erosion. The finer pieces can be mixed with granular fill for use on the roadbed.
Photo of a backhoe loading material into a large truck.
A backhoe fills a large off-road truck with material to be used on another part of the project. Higher-quality material can be used on the roadbed. Poorer-quality material can be used on inslopes and backslopes along the new highway.
Photo of a scraper driving on a dusty road.

Twelve scrapers, such as this one, are being used on the project. These highly-efficient vehicles can haul 20 to 30 yards of material. The large hinge behind the cab allows the scraper box to be lowered to the surface. The operator backs up the vehicle and material is scraped into the box. When full, the operator closes the door on the box and drives to the site where the material is needed.


July photos by Justin Cappelle, District 1 Public Affairs intern