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Hwy 37 resurfacing and improvement project


Traffic Impacts

Between Hwy 53 and Gilbert traffic will encounter flaggers as work occurs on new turn and bypass lanes and mill and overlay. In the City of Gilbert, traffic will become single lane in both directions and moved to the east bound lanes between Michigan Avenue and Hwy 135. Traffic will become single lane in both directions and moved to the east bound lanes between Kansas and Nebraska Avenues.

Work for the weeks of September 28 and October 5

STAGE A - Hwy 53 to Kansas Avenue
Finish grading and clean up
Culvert cleaning and lining
Underground lighting work
Beginning October 5, the milling and bituminous resurfacing is scheduled to begin.  This work will continue until approximately October 14.  Single lane traffic will be encountered during daylight hours.

STAGE D - Kansas Avenue to New York Avenue (west side) (upper side of Broadway)
Miscellaneous grading and clean up
Bituminous paving to occur the week of September 2

STAGE B - Indiana Avenue to Dakota Avenue (west side) (upper side of Broadway)
Underground utilities, grading, preparation for concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter.

STAGE C - Kansas Avenue to New York Avenue (east side) (lower side of Broadway)
Traffic switch will occur in this time period to the west side to allow construction to begin on the east bound lanes.

Work is expected to finish for the 2020 construction season at the end of October.

About this project

stage map
Project map.

Project Limits

On Hwy 37 from Hwy 53 to Hwy 135 (approx. 3.67 miles)

Project Scope of Work

Rural Section (TH 53 to New York Ave in Gilbert) - Construction Season 2020

  • The project will consist of a 15 year pavement fix (3 inch mill and overlay)
  • Turn lanes added at the intersections of:
    • Station 44 Road
    • W French Avenue
    • County Road 97
    • Deerwood Drive
    • Circle Drive

Urban Section (Kansas Avenue to TH 135) - Construction Season 2021

  • Removal and replacement of all pavement, curb and gutter and sidewalk.
  • Pedestrian curb ramps will be updated to meet current ADA standards, bump outs will be constructed at select locations.
  • Sidewalk extension from Kansas Avenue to Alaska Avenue.
  • New continuous lighting system through Gilbert.
  • Bike Lane added to both sides of the roadway in business district.
  • Some City utility (sanitary sewer and water main) improvements.

Project Benefits

Smoother pavement surface resulting in better ride quality, improved drainage, improved safety for vehicles by the addition of turn lanes and for bike and pedestrians by construction of the bike lane, new sidewalk and bump outs.

Approximate Construction Timeline

Construction for this project will be split between two construction seasons

    • Summer of 2020 construction is currently scheduled to start July 13th and go through mid-October. Construction will take place between Hwy 53 and Virginia Avenue in Gilbert
    • Summer of 2021 construction is planned to start mid-May and end mid-October. Construction will take place between Hwy 135 and Virginia Avenue in Gilbert.

Traffic impacts

  • Roadway is expected to be open with one lane of traffic that will be staged.
  • A detour will likely not be needed.

Summary of work

  • Highway Pavement Resurfacing, culvert replacements and Storm Sewer Repairs.
  • ADA improvements—Ramps and Sidewalk Spot repair. Sidewalk/widened shoulder will be constructed from Kansas Avenue to Alaska Avenue on north side of road.
  • Geometric improvements including:
    • Right turn lanes at Circle Drive, Deerwood Drive, W. French Avenue, and Station 44 Road (West Connection)
    • Bypass lane at County Road 97
  • City Utility Upgrades/Repairs to Sanitary Sewer, Water and Storm Sewer

Fall 2017

  • Fall 2017: MnDOT met with city staff and public to discuss Complete Streets alternatives
  • October 2017: ADA field walk