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Frequently asked questions

What is the current status of the project?
The construction of the new Mission Creek Bridge is on hold indefinitely until burials are stabilized or recovered and the cemetery assessed, and appropriate actions taken to protect the area. Further archaeological work is ongoing in the vicinity of Mission Creek.

When will the construction be re-started?
Construction re-start is unknown and dependent on what is found during the archaeological and cultural studies. The time needed for burial recovery and archaeological work is as yet undetermined.

What can be done about possible flooding in the Fond du Lac neighborhood?
To stabilize the banks of Mission Creek, sheet pile was installed in mid-July. Additional riprap was placed around the banks for further stabilization. Additionally, MnDOT has staged equipment on Hwy 210 that can be moved to the site in a few hours. In the event of a heavy rain, this equipment can be mobilized to remove debris from Mission Creek. Fond du Lac Conservation Officers are on site 24 hours a day and can contact the appropriate personnel in the event of a potential flooding event.

When will 131st Avenue be re-opened?
The re-opening of 131st Avenue West will be re-opened in the near future. An exact date is unknown, but it is a priority,

Can I investigate or access the archaeological site or cemetery area?
No, disturbance of the cemetery area is a felony per Minnesota Statute 307.08 (Private Cemeteries Act). It is also illegal to collect archaeological materials from any archaeological site on public, non-federal land per Mnnesota Statute 138.31-42. Examples of these activities includes collecting surface artifacts such as arrowheads or agates, collecting exposed artifacts, and metal detecting on public, non-federal land.

Are there routes for pedestrians and bicyclists?
Pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed in the work area, closed lanes, cemetery or the archaeological work areas. The sidewalk on the south side of Hwy 23 will be improved in the near future for pedestrian and bike use. A bike route is being established along 5th Street and 131st Avenue. Please be respectful of the work areas and the cemetery.

Where can I find more information and get updates on the project?
MnDOT will be posting updates on the project website http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d1/projects/hwy23-mission-creek/index.html or sign up for project updates via – email @ on the website above.