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Hwy 135 resurfacing project

Aurora, Gilbert, Town of White

About this project

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Resurface 23 miles of pavement to improve the ride and extend the life of the highway.
  • Repair or replace 45 culverts. Three culverts will be totally replaced and 42 will be repaired.
  • Construct three subgrade treatments to correct frost heaves/bumps.
  • Revise the intersections in Gilbert at Hwy 37 and Summit Avenue, Scenic Acres Drive in White and County Road 100 in White/Aurora. Intersection revisions in new turn lanes for St. Louis County Public Works building near Virginia.
  • Work on two bridges. The bridge (#69023) over the DM&IR Railroad near Gilbert will be painted and the deck milled and overlaid. A second bridge (#69025) over the DM&IR Railroad near Biwabik will have the deck milled and overlaid.

See the Hwy 135 in Biwabik website for more information on the changes that will occur along Main Street in Biwabik.

Traffic impacts

There are currently no traffic impacts. Future impacts are unknown, at this time.