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Hwy 70 resurfacing and drainage improvements

Near Pine City

Traffic impacts

There are no current traffic impacts.

When the project begins it will be divided into two work areas.

Area 1: Hwy 70 from the west limits of the project to County Road 3 (Maple Ave.) will be under construction from May 26 through August 1, this section of the project will be detoured.

Area 2: Hwy 70 from County Road 3 (Maple Ave.) to the Wisconsin Border will be under construction from July 6 through Oct. 9. This section of the project will be constructed under traffic. There will be a single lane of traffic open with portable signals controlling traffic movement Monday through Friday, two lanes will be open to traffic on the weekends.

About this project

Summary of work

  • Resurface nine-miles of pavement
  • Subgrade corrections as needed to improve road strength
  • Install culvert extensions and make other drainage improvements
  • Soften hills at six locations
  • Install turn-lanes at:
    County Road 4/106 – right-turn/bypass-lane
    County Road 3 – right-turn-lane
    County Road 107 intersection – The redesigned intersection at Hwy 70 and County Road 107 will be constructed at right-angles to improve sightlines and improve safety.

Hwy 70 current condition

In 2012 MnDOT did an extensive amount of maintenance work on Hwy 70 which included patching transverse cracks in the road. This work was done as a safety measure and to maintain the integrity of the pavement until the resurfacing project is done. MnDOT continues to monitor the pavement and will make necessary repairs as needed.

New sand-hauling activity has increased the number of trucks using Hwy 70. Some people have expressed concern that Hwy 70 will not be able to hold up with this additional traffic. The highway was designed to accommodate legally-loaded trucks and the structural design for the 2015 resurfacing project will also fully meet that requirement.

The life expectancy of the finished Hwy 70 resurfacing project is 20-years.


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