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Hwy 210

In Jay Cooke State Park


MnDOT and the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission investigated options for how, where and if, to reconstruct Hwy 210 in the flood-damaged area.

Other areas damaged during the flood have been repaired, however this section has historically been highly-prone to hillside slumping and erosion, which causes the highway to be undermined.

The ARDC facilitated public meetings to help develop a framework to guide MnDOT's future investment on this section of Hwy 210.

Phot showing Hwy 210 in an area of severe damage. A large section of highway is missing and the earth beneath it has eroded away.

Photo: Jim Sorenson, MnDOT construction

Options considered during the public outreach

Past meetings

July 21, 2015
MnDOT hosted a meeting to update the public on the project.

August 22, 2013