Hwy 169/Pokegama Reconstruction

Grand Rapids

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person waiting to cross at an intersection
This project improved accessibility between 3rd Street N and 13th Street S. The reconstruction area (between 1st Street S and 10th Street S) includes new sidewalks and curb ramps. Curb ramps were also improved at the intersections south and north of the reconstruction area. The signal systems at 3rd Street N, 2nd Street N, 4th Street S, and 10th Street S now have accessible cues (visual and audible and tactile).




























Accessibility improvements

The Hwy 169/Pokegama Avenue reconstruction project included the following accessibility improvements:


New sidewalks were constructed on both sides of Hwy 169 with ADA compliant pedestrian ramps providing safe continuous pedestrian traffic along the project length.

Accessibility and state highway projects

All MnDOT projects—both new construction and rehabilitation projects—must include evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Components can include, but are not limited to, adding curb cuts, truncated domes and accessible pedestrian signals. Read about MnDOT's transition plan to comply with the ADA.