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Hwy 1/169 Eagles Nest Lake Area Project

Six Mile Lake Road to Bradach Road

Project news

MnDOT officials have selected Alternative 3A route as the preferred alternative for the Hwy 1/169 Eagles Nest Lake Area Project. The 3A alternative deviates south from the existing alignment on the west half of the project and follows the existing highway corridor on the east half.

See map showing existing Hwy 1/169 and Route 3A.

The 3A route was selected as the preferred alternative because it most closely met the project purpose and need and balanced social, economic and environmental impacts. The new alignment will reduce shading, which contributed to icy road conditions over the years, and will improve safety with wider shoulders, improved alignments and profiles and increased passing opportunities.

Environmental process update

The public comment period for the Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EA/EAW) document closed on January 30, 2015. Since that time MnDOT has been reviewing the comments received and preparing responses to the comments; reviewing and making minor revisions to project plans based on comments received; and preparing documentation to support MnDOT's decision regarding the need to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS), as required by state regulations. On June 5, MnDOT completed its decision-making process with a 'negative declaration', i.e., MnDOT determined that an EIS does not need to be prepared for this project. A copy of the Findings of Fact and Conclusions, which includes MnDOT's negative declaration, can be accessed at the EA/EAW page of this website.This decision concludes MnDOT's environmental review process for this project.

Photo of Hwy 169 near Trygg Road.
Hwy 169 near Trygg Road.
Photo courtesy of Bill Erzar, co-chair of the Hwy 169 Task Force

About this project

Summary of work

  • Improve 5.7 miles of Hwy 169
  • Complete reconstruction in areas to be realigned, while other areas will be widened and resurfaced

Minimum design criteria

  • Design speed - 55 mph
  • Travel lanes - 12-feet-wide
  • Shoulders - Eight-feet-wide (six-feet paved and two-feet gravel)
  • Reduce the length of shaded areas of roadway
  • Minimize environmental impacts