Hwy 169 Eagles Nest Lake Reconstruction Project

Six Mile Lake Road to Bradach Road

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Photo showing Michael Kalnbach standing at a lecturn. A slide from a PowerPoint is showing on a screen and people are seated listening to the presentation.

About 50 people attended the Hwy 1/169 public meeting held Oct. 4, 2013 in Virginia.


Public meetings

Oct. 4, 2013


Alternative Analysis
Eighteen alternatives were analyzed within the Eagles Nest Corridor. MnDOT worked closely with the Hwy 169 Task Force in the selection and evaluation of these alternatives. The following criteria was evaluated for each alternative:

Traffic impacts

What will be done

Project layout alternatives

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Project benefits:

    • Flattened hills and straightened curves to improve sight lines and passing safety
    • Widened shoulders to provide motorists with safer pull-off areas and help reduce the chance of run-off-the-road crashes
    • Flattened slopes along the edges of Hwy 1/169 to help reduce the severity of run-off-the-road crashes
    • Improved ditching and drainage
    • Minimized wetland impacts and rock excavation

Design criteria (minimum)

    • Design speed - 55 mph
    • Travel lanes - 12-feet-wide
    • Shoulders - Eight-feet-wide (six-feet paved and two-feet gravel)
    • Reduce the length of shaded areas of roadway
    • Minimize environmental impacts


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