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Hwy 1/169 Eagles Nest Lake Area project

Six Mile Lake Road to Bradach Road

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Findings of Fact and Conclusions

Finding of Fact and Conclusions

Federal Environmental Assessment and State Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Hwy 1/169 Eagles Nest Lake Area Project─Final EA─No Appendices (35,263 KB)

Appendix A - Highway 1-169 Eagles Nest Project - Alternatives Development & Evaluation Technical Memorandum (14,201 KB)
Appendix B - Benefit-Cost Technical Memorandum (84 KB)
Appendix C - Sulfide-Acid Rock Drainage Technical Memorandum (1,849 KB)
Appendix D - Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Data (329 KB)
Appendix E - USFWS, MnDOT and MNDNR Correspondences - Threatened and Endangered Species Review (2,347 KB)
Appendix F - Section 106 Correspondences (605 KB)
Appendix G - 2010 US Census Data (827 KB)
Appendix H - Alternatives 1 and 2A Preliminary Layouts (5,505 KB)