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Nov. 19 , 2013

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DPS Commsioner visits Duluth to announce new traffic enforcement grants, road safety progress


WHAT: Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Commissioner Mona Dohman will announce new federal grants directed to central law enforcement agencies and community groups for traffic safety enforcement and education efforts through September 2014.

The grant dollars support campaigns to improve seat belt use, prevent drunk driving, and encourage motorists to drive at safe speeds and attentively.

  WHEN:Wednesday, Nov. 20, 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Duluth Airport—Monaco Air Duluth
              Conference room
              4535 Airport Approach Road
              Duluth, MN
  WHO: • Mona Dohman, Commissioner, DPS             
            • Donna Berger, Director, DPS Office of Traffic Safety
            • Local law enforcement, engineers and EMS representatives


The DPS Office of Traffic Safety provides federal funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to law enforcement agencies and partners statewide to conduct enforcement campaigns and education activities.

Officials say these resources are critical to support the proactive efforts of law enforcement to create safer roads — especially considering a rise in traffic deaths in 2012 and a current pace nearly identical to that of last year. 




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