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2015 Construction Program

Partial list of projects completed in 2015


Hwy 2 Bong Bridge Rehabilitation Project


Hwy 2 Bridges Repair


Hwy 11 Resurfacing and Drainage Improvement Project


Interstate 35 Resurfacing Project


Hwy 53 Resurfacing, Slope Repair, New Bridge, Culvert


Hwy 53 Mud Slide Repairs


Hwy 53 resurfacing, bypass, turn and passing lanes


Hwy 53 Resurfacing, Accessibility Improvements


Hwy 61 New Bridge, Drainage Improvements Project


Hwy 61 Resurfacing, Safety, Drainage Improvement Project


Hwy 70 Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements


Hwy 169 Pavement Resurfacing, Bridge Repair Project



2014 Construction Program

Partial list of projects completed in 2014


Hwy 1 Pavement Rehabilitation Project


Hwy 1 Pavement Resurfacing Project


Hwy 18 Resurfacing Project


Hwy 33 Pavement Replacement, Interchange Reconstruction


I-35 Bridges Rehabilitation


Hwy 53 Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System


Hwy 53 Virginia to Cook


Hwy 61 Little Marais


Hwy 61 Bridge Painting Project


Hwy 61 Rest Area at Tettagouche State Park


Hwy 61 Resurfacing, Bridge Project in Cook County


Hwy 73 Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements


Hwy 73 Bridge Replacement Project




2013 Construction Program

Partial list of projects completed in 2013


Hwy 23 Culvert Replacement


Hwy 33 Resurfacing


I-35 in Carlton County


Hwy 65 near Pliny


Hwy 65 Culvert Replacements


Hwy 73


Hwy 61 near Gooseberry State Park


Hwy 123 near Sandstone


Hwy 169 Resurfacing near Nashwauk


Hwy 169/Pokegama Avenue Reconstruction


Hwy 169 County Road 26 Area Reconstruction


Hwy 210 Bridge Rehabilitation Project


Hwy 210 In Jay Cooke State Park


Blatnik Bridge - I-535/Hwy 53 between Duluth and Superior




2012 Construction Program

Partial list of projects completed in 2012


I-35 Moose Lake to Barnum


I-35, Sandstone-area in Pine County


I-35 and Hwy 2 Duluth
(Duluth Mega Project)


I-35 South of Duluth to White Bear Lake


Hwy 1 Reconstruction


Hwy 53 Cotton


Hwy 53/Hwy33 Bridges


Hwy 61 near Silver Creek Tunnel


Hwy 73 Floodwood Bridge


Hwy 200 in Aitkin and Cass County


Hwy 210 Pavement Resurfacing

Hwy 210 Bridge Rehabilitation



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