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An oversize/overweight load.


Use this form to apply for a refund.

We will not grant refunds under the following circumstances:

  • Customer submits multiple applications for the same move.
  • Permit matches information given on the application form.
  • Customer's load canceled (after permit was issued).
  • Overall dimensions or weights changed significantly (after permit was issued).
  • Permit travel date has expired.

NOTE: If you are disputing multiple charges, highlight these charges on a copy of your credit card billing statement and send to ofcvopermits.dot@state.mn.us or 651-215-9677 (fax). Be sure to write the disputed permit number(s) or application number(s) on the front of your statement.

Refund Request

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NOTE: We may contact you to gather further information about your refund request. If credited, the amount will be applied to the credit card originally used.