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Pre-Trip Route Survey

Please allow 3 - 5 business days for processing. Applications with route failures or bridge discrepancies may take longer.

Pre-Trip Route Survey Information and Requirements

A Pre-Trip Route Survey:

  • Is required when an oversized load exceeds 16'0" in height and/or 20'0" in width. In some cases, excessive length may require a route survey;
  • Is to be performed before the load moves and before a MnDOT permit will be issued;
  • Requires a physical survey of the complete proposed route to ensure clearance; and,
  • Is the responsibility of the operator/motor carrier transporting the load (Permittee), regardless of who conducts the actual pre-trip route survey.

A route survey can remain valid for up to sixty (60) days, as long as subsequent movements are of the same dimensions as initial survey; are transported by the same carrier; and at least one movement happens within a fourteen (14) day period.

Permit issuance may be delayed if routes are entered incorrectly or incompletely on the MnDOT permit application and/or on the route survey.

Carrier Responsibilities:

  • For loads exceeding 16'0" high - a nonconductive, nondestructive, flexible, and readily breakable height pole must be used and set as a minimum of six inches (6") higher than the highest part of the load;
  • For loads exceeding 20'0" wide, a minimum of one foot (1'0") lateral clearance is required through construction work zones;
    • Visit www.511mn.org for current road conditions and construction project information.
  • A minimum of six inches (6") is required underneath all vehicle components;
  • Identify all railroad at-grade crossings along the route and verify that the loading can navigate those RR crossings safely and quickly;
  • Notify utility companies for approval to raise or move their overhead wires;
  • Obtain approval to operate on local roads. MnDOT permits are not valid for local roads; and,
  • No obstructions can be moved or removed without written permission from the owner.

Survey Information:

  • The Pre-Trip Route Survey must identify which traffic lane is to be used to maneuver under a low clearance;
  • Maneuvers, such as backing up or using opposing traffic lanes, must be clearly listed;
  • Complete route (including county and city roads) must be listed to show route continuity;
  • County names must precede county road numbers (example: Sherburne CR11);
  • Direction of travel for each road segment must be identified (example: N, S, E, W);
  • The permit application route must match the survey route; and,
  • Surveys will not be processed if information is missing or illegible.

MnDOT reserves the right to not accept a route survey if information is not entered correctly or if the information provided does not meet our criteria.


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Pre-Trip Route Survey

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Route Information

Example Route Entry:

I94 AT WI - off system at Washington CR15 N - on state system from JCT Washington CR19 N at MN5 - I694 N - US10 W – off state system at Sherburne CR11 N / MN95 W /  End JCT MN95 AT MN23


I94W From JCT WI - 3.1 MI
Washington CR15 N – 3.0 MI
Washington CR19 N – 3.0 MI
MN5 W - 1.5 MI
I-694 N - 6.5 MI
US10 W – 32.5 MI
Sherburne CR11 N  16.0MI
MN95W 11.6 MI
End JCT MN23