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Red semi-truck features a yellow 'Oversize Load' sign over the grille.

News and Notices

Winter truck load increases begin Nov. 24

Beginning Monday, Nov. 24, vehicles will be allowed to operate up to 10 percent over the standard legal maximum loads on unrestricted highways in the north, north central, and central frost zones.

Trucks must comply with current registration weight laws, however, and not exceed registered gross weight tolerances. Drivers should check with local agencies prior to increasing any weights on city, county and township routes. Learn more.

Bridge hits and load height restriction reminder

Drivers of commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment are cautioned to be aware of their load height, to secure their loads and to pay attention to posted bridge heights.

All bridges in the state that are 14 feet, 9 inches and lower have signs posted to warn drivers of heights.

In the past month, five bridges were hit in the Twin Cities, causing major damage to the structures. In one crash, costs to repair the bridge totaled $355,000, which is borne by the carrier or carrier’s insurance.

Commercial vehicle drivers caught hitting bridges also face fines.

Reasons that vehicles hit bridges include:

  • trucks driving off approved routes
  • loads not secured properly and shift or bounce from inconsistencies in the pavement
  • vehicles that have a human or equipment failure such as a garbage truck that begins to lift to dump and the driver does not catch the action or lift warning systems that don’t work as intended
  • special agriculture equipment too high to clear bridge height
  • illegal loads of over height items that drivers hope to go unnoticed through the transportation system

The 511mn.org truckers’ webpage lists widths of lane closures and other restrictions.

Parking availability system helps truckers

New technology is being tested to help truckers find safe places to park. If implemented, it could reduce driver fatigue, improve safety and provide other valuable benefits. Learn more.

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Faxed permit applications to be discontinued

Starting July 15, applications for oversize/overweight permits are no longer accepted by fax. Applications are still accepted online, in person at our St. Paul office, or by postal mail.

We are taking this step to better serve the majority of our customers. A high percentage of faxed applications are incomplete or illegible, which slows processing time. See instructions to complete an online single trip permit application or trip log.

Introducing WINNDOT — a cross-border permitting partnership

You can now order Minnesota and Wisconsin permits with just one application! Please use the new WINNDOT portal.

Rice St. entrance closed

Due to construction of a new parking ramp, Ramp F at Central Office (St. Paul), please be aware that the Rice Street entrance to the Transportation Building is closed. More information on interim parking is available here.

Refund policy has changed

MnDOT's policy on permit refunds has changed. Refunds may be issued under limited circumstances. Submit your request online.

Limited service schedule now available

Plan ahead for limited staff availability during these dates and times in 2014.

Pilot escort drivers required to be certified

All pilot car drivers who escort oversized loads in Minnesota are required to be certified by the Minnesota State Patrol, effective Jan. 1, 2014. For information on training and certification reciprocity, please visit http://hennepintech.edu/customizedtraining/cts/100.

Widths of lane closures automatically restricted

Lane closures that don't show a specific width limit on Mn511 are automatically restricted for permitted loads to a 11'0" wide limit.

Check out the Northwest Passage Corridor

Now you can view up-to-date load restrictions, rest areas, weather conditions and other information along I-90 / I-94, known as the Northwest Passage corridor. Check out the new site.